Reykjadalur Hot Spring Hike | The Ultimate Guide


Basic Information

Reykjadalur Valley is situated near Hveragerði town which is located at a distance of around 45 km from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. Filled with mud pools, hot springs, and a geothermally heated river which is open to tourists, Reykjadalur is also known as the valley of steams. It is highly popular among tourists for the hot spring hike. Whether it’s about hiking through the picturesque trails, walking along the lagoons and waterfalls, or savoring in a hot spring after the tiresome hike, this southeastern Icelandic valley will reward yours with all of this. Not all hikes include carrying a bathing suit and this is what puts Reykjadalur hot spring hike on the top of the bucket list when visiting Iceland. The hike begins from a parking lot in Hveragerdi and gradually unfolds in the beautiful mountains, ultimately leading towards the hot springs. This hiking experience usually lasts for around 2 to 3 hours for most people including the time of soaking into the geothermally heated waters.

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two men sitting in Reykjadalur hot spring on the Reykjadalur hot spring and hike

What to Expect?

The Reykjadalur hot spring hike is one of its kind experience that you won’t want to miss. The hike isn’t too difficult or too long, but it holds some picturesque views and geothermally heated waters that will warm you up. It starts with a walk across a wooden bridge, with a slightly steep uphill climb that gradually levels out, leading towards the majestic mountains. The path is well-maintained with few ups and downs throughout the trail but there is nothing very strenuous. As you make your way amidst the mountains, you will witness many hot puddles of water also known as the Sulphur pockets emerging from the ground. They exude a pungent scent of Sulphur which can be easily recognized when you walk up close to these heated waters.

However, touching these puddles of water is not at all recommended as they might be heating at boiling temperatures. Along the hiking path, you will come across various signboards with thermometers that indicate that the water pocket dangerous. These signboards are highly crucial to watch out for, just remember that you have not reached a safe place for bathing until you see a wooden platform along with some crisscross wooden boards.

Activities in the area

Reykjadalur hot spring and hike

As you walk along the green-lined mountains and Sulphur pockets, you will be treated with a feast of breathtaking landscapes. You will be passing through many creaks of water and even beautiful waterfalls as you make your way towards the hot springs. Since the hiking trail goes through the highlands you will be seeing a lot of sheep and their adorable little lambs. You might also come across pure breed Icelandic horses that walk along the same path. Once you reach the end of the hiking trail, you will be treated with a portion of the geothermally heated river surrounded by the lush green pastures and jaw-dropping views of the enormous mountains. You can dive into this river and warm up yourself after the hour-long walk. There is an array of warm water patches along this stretch of river so you will surely find someplace to enjoy and relax.

Guided tours that will take you to Reykjadalur

  • Reykjadalur hot spring & hike
  • Hot spring horse riding
man sitting in Reykjadalur hot spring on the Reykjadalur hot spring and hike

Best Time to Visit

A fine blend of enthralling adventure and relaxation, the Reykjadalur hot spring hike lures tourists from around the globe. The steam-laced surfaces and incredible views of the mountains make for a perfect hiking trail for all seasons. However, the hike during winters could be more demanding as the fickle Icelandic temperature could fall steeply. So, a visit in summers would be ideal to fill in the itinerary as it brings along the highest possibility of ambient and decent weather and the long stretches of daylight hours. Along with the bright sunlight, the hiking trails enjoy luscious greenery during summer seasons with wildflowers and grass beautifully lining the riverbank and mountains. If you are up for the hike during winter time, you might experience the northern lights dancing over the hot spring river. It truly is a magical moment. 


Reykjadalur valley is an Icelandic gem worth exploring, so pack your hiking boots and get on with the thrilling journey.

Nearby Locations

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Map of Reykjadalur Hot Spring

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in South Iceland

More Nearby Locations

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