Stuðlafoss Basalt Column Waterfall


Basic Information

  • GPS: 65.17307, -15.27838
  • Hidden Gem
  • Hiking Required: Easy 2 km

To witness a magnificent view of water falling from high altitude, basalt columns, and green vegetation, you don’t need to wander different places.  Stuðlafoss waterfall, one of the hidden gems of Iceland, provides you with all the things in a single picture. The burbling sound of white foamy water falling and the basalt formations around it take you to the world you always wanted to visit. The mesmerizing beauty in the eastern region of Iceland, Stuðlafoss stands tall in the middle of numerous large basalt columns. A waterfall that will freeze your sight with the beauty of nature is not easy to find. The volcanic activities and other geographical factors have led to the gorgeous formations of basalt columns, perfect to experience and capture beauty in your camera. Made naturally by solidifying lava, the unique view of the waterfall is magical.

You can find two waterfalls with the same name in East Iceland. In this article we will tell you about the waterfall that is located in Jökuldalur, close to Stuðlagil Canyon. The waterfall is not listed on Google Maps, but you can find the exact location here below. 

Studlafoss basalt column waterfall in east Iceland

Panoramic View to Capture

The stream of water hitting the basalt rocks is fascinating. Though it is hard to get there, this beautiful creature of nature is worthy of all the journey and time. When you reach the Stuðlafoss waterfall, don’t forget to capture the panoramic view in your camera. The lower columns around the waterfall are shorter and perfectly stacked in front of each other. The neon-green vegetation at the base of the waterfall makes the place even more serene. Almost a secret place for local travelers, this tall waterfall has started getting attention from photographers. If you are visiting with family or friends then you can spend some time traveling around and photographing.

Though you can visit the place at any hour of the day, it is ideal to travel on a clear day. The cloudy weather can become a hurdle as it will cover up the waterfall streams and you would not be able to get the complete view. It is also beautiful to get a glimpse of the waterfall when it is rainy, you just have to be a little bit careful as the surface may become slippery due to rain.  

Studlafoss basalt column waterfall in east Iceland

Reaching the Secluded Stuðlafoss

Located near mount Stuðlagil Canyon, the Stuðlafoss is hard to reach as it is unknown for many people and located at a secret place. If you are traveling through Egilsstadir, take road 1, the Ring Road, until you reach Skjöldólfsstaðir. Drive on a few meters and make a left turn to road 923. Drive around 14 kilometers on this bumpy gravel road. Here you will reach a bridge on the river Jökla by the farm Klaustursel that is on the other side of the river. Driving over the narrow bridge is not allowed, but you can park your car at the west side and walk over the bridge to the east riverbank. You will find a hiking trail that will lead you to Stuðlafoss waterfall in 2 kilometers. The hike is easy and we recommend that you keep on hiking until you reach Stuðlagil Canyon. It is ideal to visit in the morning as the traffic will be low and the weather will be comparatively better.

We suggest bringing a pair of hiking boots as it would be a good choice to cover hilly terrain comfortably and also bringing proper outwear and crampons if you are visiting in winters. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of memorable moments.

Map of Stuðlafoss

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