Flögufoss Waterfall | A Blissful Trip to the high waterfall in East Iceland


Basic Information

  • GPS: 64.81302, -14.38572
  • Hidden Gem in East Iceland. 
  • 60 meters high
  • Parking lot available. 
  • Easy 15 minutes hike from the parking lot to the waterfall. 

Flögufoss waterfall is an intriguing thing to experience. Situated in the valley of Breiðdalur in eastern Iceland, Flögufoss is a magnificent spot that seems like a giant eagle with its wings fully spread. Approximately 60 meters high, this waterfall speaks volumes with its beautiful geology. Tourists witness some breathtaking scenes here in the middle of the valley Breiðdalur.

The thing that makes Flögufoss waterfall interesting is another small waterfall that lands on a terrace near the top of the waterfall. The waterfall flows through a small stone path from that terrace all the way down to the base of the hill. This beautiful waterfall offers picturesque scenes that will leave the visitors spellbound.

Flögufoss waterfall - East Iceland

Exploring Flögufoss Waterfall

Flögufoss is an ancient waterfall. The entire setup is more than thousands of years old but quite intriguingly there are some recent changes. The waterfall changed its way to run through the stone arch some twenty years ago. The course through which the waterfall used to flow can be seen at the top by the arch’s side. This is a natural redecoration that lends the waterfall a refreshing touch. No one knows the reason behind this changed course of the waterfall. This is the most striking part of this country that attracts the explorers. Miraculous things can be witnessed anywhere in Iceland. You need to carry your camera along as you will come across so many capture-worthy moments.

The waterfall looks otherworldly under the sparkling gaze of the sun. Although, even if you stop by during the sunset, it will look equally mesmerizing. Even when you visit on a sunny day, ensure that you wear a thick layer of clothing and shoes with a good grip.

There is a majestic mountain peak visible behind the top of the Flögufoss waterfall. It is known as Smátindsfjall or Small-peak-mountain. Smátindsfjall is a cluster of steep and high peaks that look magical. These peaks were formed from basalt over thousands of years ago. The peaks seem to be crowning the waterfall providing a rich and refined view of Flögufoss. You will be able to see the mountain peaks from the next fjord Berufjörður, which is located south of Breiðdalsvík and Breiðdalur. They are known as Smátindur or Small-peak on the other side.

Flögufoss waterfall - East Iceland

How to Get to Flögufoss Waterfall

You can easily reach Flögufoss from the main road 1 on the Ring Road of Iceland. It is a small drive from the main road 1 in Breiðdalur to a parking lot. Once you reach the parking lot, there is a 15-minute walk to the waterfall. If you are driving from Breiðdalsvík, you need to take a left turn on road 966. It will be a right turn coming from Egilsstaðir. Make sure you do not get confused and follow the right path. You can walk up closer to see the whole waterfall in a better manner.

You can spend a whole day around this area of Iceland. There are new waterfalls in every corner of the fjords. Explore Flögufoss waterfall and the surrounding views from different angles to make the most of your visit. There is light vegetation around lending a blissful contrast to the dark brown mountain peaks surrounding the waterfall.

Flögufoss waterfall in East Iceland

Flögufoss waterfall on a map

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