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Basic Information

If you are planning to visit Iceland’s Glymur Waterfall then trust us, it is undoubtedly going to be one of your best hiking trips ever. The cliffs, river crossings, unusual natural backdrop, and beautiful clear clouds await you! When in Iceland, Glymur Waterfall Hike is something you can not afford to miss. It is the second-highest waterfall in Iceland and is a very popular tourist destination.

Glymur Waterfall, which is 198 meters tall, was listed as Iceland’s second tallest waterfall until the position was grabbed by Mosárfoss at Vatnajökull glacier in 2011.

Glymur highest waterfall in Iceland

Know About Glymur Waterfall - The Locals Favorite

Glymur Waterfall is located amidst the most beautiful lush Botnsdalur Valley and majestically stands with a height of 650 feet (198 m), being the highest waterfall in Iceland until 2011 when it was dethroned by Morsárfoss waterfall. Spend an exhilarating day of hiking at the Glymur Waterfall amidst the lush green valley accompanying you throughout the trail. This grand waterfall is located nearly 40 miles away from the west of Reykjavik. Glymur is indeed one of the hidden gems of Iceland. The complete hike takes around 4 hours of walking through the rocky surface, climbing, crossing the rivers, and wading through the caves that surely give adrenaline rush! The complete loop of hiking is nearly about 4.6 miles (7.4 km). It is a heaven for the hiker, adventure seekers, and tourists as well. You will surely have the experience of a lifetime! Though you won’t get those nicely paved roads but yes walking down the rock-strewn path will be worthy enough at the end when you reach the waterfall.

Guided tours that will take you to Glymur waterfall

There are not many guided tours that will take you to Glymur waterfall. Since the waterfall is located less than an hour drive from Reykjavik, it is the perfect stop for your self driving trip. Rent a car and enjoy this waterfall and hike. 

  • Glymur hike
Glymur highest waterfall in Iceland

Start Hiking

As soon as you start hiking, the first phase will lead you to the flat terrain of Botnsdalur valley. This terrain is known for the lava fields, bushy trees, and jaw-dropping panoramas. But it is not the only thing that will make your jaw drop. What waits for you next is going to give an adrenaline rush. Þvottahellir Lava Cave or the ” Washing Cave” is what will take you to the other side. You will reach the river where you need to be confident both physically and mentally to cross the tree log over the river; it has a rope attached for extra support (see photo below). The trail will get more steeper but fret not, you will find ropes along the way to give you a sense of satisfaction and support throughout. From there onwards, you will have North and South route, locals recommend taking south to experience the picturesque views when going towards the fall while taking the North when coming back.

The final trail will take you towards Glymur, high above it. The panoramic view of the valley is breathtaking. It is a sight to behold! Your descent along the north route is much easier than the other one. The northern route trail joins the main trail and you can follow it to the parking lot.

Glymur highest waterfall in Iceland

From Where to Start?

Drive towards Mosfellsbaer when starting your journey from Reykjavik followed by taking road number 1 that leads you to Akranes/Borgarnes. Take right and continue on the road 47 before the Hvalfjordur underwater tunnel. You will witness beautiful landscapes near Hvalfjordur with several waterfalls – this is the additional 60 kilometers of the ring road if you choose not to go through the tunnel. Just when you reach the innermost point of the bay you can see the signs directing you to the east towards Glymur, where wide gravel road awaits you. From this point onwards you can start your journey.

If you are visiting Iceland for the first time, then you can simply add Glymur Waterfall to your itinerary as a stopover when visiting Golden Circle or the West coast of Iceland. This waterfall is in the west of Thingvellir National Park, which is an hour away.

Glymur highest waterfall in Iceland

Best Time to Visit

Although the waterfall is accessible year-around it is never recommended to visit this place in fall or winters. The best time to visit Glymur Waterfall is from May to September when there are no thick layers of ice covering the path and the log is there placed properly while crossing the river. The rest of the year can be a bit challenging and dangerous with slippery surface stubborn ice layers covering the trail and cave areas.

Glymur waterfall would be perfect as one of your day trips from Reykjavík. If you would like to add more locations to our day trip, we recommend Krauma Spa, Borgarnes & Hraunfossar waterfalls.

Glymur highest waterfall in Iceland

Glymur waterfall on a map

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