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Living in a country like Iceland is a blessing in itself. Icelanders, though wrapped in various myths about each monument and site, truly cherish this beauty of a country. While there is so much written and said from hiking trails to waterfalls and from riffs to fjords of Iceland, there are still some stones left unturned in Iceland. One such place is the Kermóafoss waterfall in Elliðaárdalur. The peace of this place can transport you far from the noise of the city. Covered in the shield of dense flora, this place seems like an oasis in the middle of the city, as it immediately transcends you to that kind of ambiance. The beautiful valley Elliðarárdalur houses the hidden waterfall Kermóafoss, in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. The reason that we say that this waterfall is hidden is because not many travelers know about it even though it is located in the capital city, where  most travelers start their trip. 

Explore around Kermóafoss Waterfall

The valley is a great place to hike if you want to indulge in a hiking endeavor. It takes around 2-3 hours to take the tour of the valley. There is a parking lot available in different locations in the valley, but we recommend the one next to the old power station on Rafstöðvarvegur road. The hike from the parking lot by the old power station near the shore of the lake is about five kilometers. There are many beautiful smaller waterfalls along the way. Considered heaven for a photographer, flowing portions of the waterfall provides perspective to the eyes. The parking lot at Elliðaárdalur valley is only about one and a half kilometers from the Kermóafoss waterfall. The waterfall comes from Elliðaá river that runs through the Elliðaárdalur valley. Every summer around 1000 salmon is caught while fishing in Elliðaá river. If you like fishing, you can make a stop here and catch some trout and salmon but you need to have a fishing license for the purpose. Situated in the heart of Reykjavík city, Elliðaárdalur is ideal if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities like walking or biking, explore the forest and wildflowers, enjoy rivers and waterfalls. Make sure you plan your itinerary and include all the sights that you want to cover.

When to Visit Kermóafoss Waterfall

Kermóafoss waterfall and Elliðaárdalur valley is completely different during summer and winter, but all seasons are very beautiful. During the winter time you can often find all the trees and waterfalls covered in snow, making it look like a Winter Wonderland. During the summer, everything is green and beautiful and the river runs slowly through the valley. However, we recommend that you do not get to close to the cliffs of the waterfall during winters. There is a danger of excessive slipperiness which somewhat reduces in summers. For that purpose, you need to have a pair of sturdy boots and make sure they have an excellent grip.

Elliðaárdalur valley during winter in Reykjavik

Places to Stay Near Kermóafoss Waterfall

Some of the best places to stay in Iceland can be found in Reykjavik city. With hotels and guesthouses, you can also opt to stay at the camping ground in Laugardalur. Just remember to consider the weather if you decide to go for camping. You can stay at Eric the red guesthouse. It has fine and spacious rooms available on a sharing basis if you are looking to save some costs. Facilities like free parking and wifi are also available. There are plenty of simple options on the outskirts of Reykjavík that might better suit your needs, depending on which all places your tour includes and how your itinerary follows. If you visit Kermóafoss waterfall with friends, you can find hostels too which are cost-efficient. There are no guided tours that will take you to Kermóafoss waterfall so a self-driving tour is recommended. You can also take the public transportation, Strætó, from downtown Reykjavik to Elliðaárdalur valley. If you would like to visit Kermóafoss waterfall with a tour guide, we recommend that you book a private tour of Reykjavik. Locals have a thorough knowledge of a site and you might stumble upon some beautiful surprises when joining a private tour. 

Though you can visit the place in any month of the year, visiting in the winter provides an amazing view. You can witness the Northern Lights at this place. Since there is heavy snowfall in north Iceland during winters that make the roads slippery, you have to careful while driving to this place. You can stay in the hotels and guesthouses in the nearby towns. The rental cars are easily available from Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik to make your journey convenient and comfortable.

Map of Kermóafoss - Elliðaárdalur

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