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Iceland, a clean and vibrant place, is a dream destination for travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and the environmentalist from across the world. It is a place of fire and ice and is sure to captivate you with its unbelievable and mesmerizing beauty, which makes it a perfect place to go for a relaxing and refreshing vacation with your family. The staggering waterfalls, massive icebergs on the beach, the crystal caves, horse riding on the beach, steaming geysers, massive lava fields, and what not! Every destination in Iceland seems to create a spell on you. But when you are visiting Iceland, don’t be in a rush of visiting every place at once, you need to have sufficient time to enjoy amidst the natural beauty. When in Iceland, get ready for a rejuvenating experience in the lap of nature at the Elliðaárdalur Park. Yes, there are chances you might have not considered this place in your areas of interest, but trust us, this gorgeous river valley near Reykjavík, is a scenic and peaceful place to enjoy and have family time too.

It is barely a 15-minute drive to Elliðaárdalur Park from Reykjavík city center and can be stretched to a maximum of 20-minute if you stop in between to admire the Icelandic beauty. This beautiful and scenic park with massive open space makes it an ideal destination to spend a relaxing day with your family and friends. With wild rabbits and birds roaming around, you will see the river crossing too in this lush recreational area. Take the time out for a walk around this area, the park is ideal for jogging, cycling, brisk walks, and even bird watching.

Salmon Fishing

Head towards the river to sit by and hear the roar of Elliðaár. If you wish to go fishing, then this place is going to bring a huge smile on your face and will make you excited and overwhelmed too. Yes, Elliðaárdalur Park allows you to go for fishing in the Elliðaár river, which is well-known for salmons. This river is extremely famous for salmon, run of grilse, and brown trout. You are going to have an amazing time at the river bank. Note that you have to have a fishing licence for the river if you wish to go fishing. 

Bird Watching

For those who love to watch the birds, at Elliðaárdalur Park you are going to witness plenty of them sitting on the riverside, either in the woods or in the Elliðaár river. This beautiful place is home to the golden plover, the Eurasian siskin, Greylag goose, the common redpoll, the mallard, blackbird, and the common snipe too. Owl or falcon are seen, but not that often, if you are fortunate enough, you might end up watching them as well. Apart from this, Elliðaárdalur Park is teeming with rabbits as well, and you have the opportunity to feed them as well.

Kermóafoss waterfall in Elliðaárdalur valley in Reykjavik, hidden waterfall in Reykjavik

A Paradise for Fitness Freaks

This area is popular amidst the cyclists and the fitness freaks, who are often spotted here. Within this area – you can go for approximately 6 miles (10 km) run, covering the surrounding area of this park. Though you might find that some parts of this area are paved, while some of the surrounding tracks are hard-packed gravel and are single track as well. This beautiful stretch of the immensely lush green area is sure to enhance your experience and make you feel closer to nature.

This place is perhaps the best place to visit with your kids and someone who loves to be amidst the lush green environment. Don’t forget to visit Kermóafoss waterfall, a hidden waterfall located in the middle of the park. Additionally, don’t forget to carry your essentials along with you, as exploring Elliðaárdalur Park can take time.

Map of Elliðaárdalur Park

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