Klifbrekkufossar: The Seven-Tier Waterfall


Basic Information

Not that single step cascading waterfalls are not beautiful enough, the charm of a 7-drop waterfall is way different what a single or a dual-step waterfall contains. One of the most beautiful but still hidden destinations in east Iceland, Klifbrekkufossar waterfall is not only exceptionally beautiful but is also a part of the group that consists of the highest waterfalls of Iceland. Located in the depths of Mjóifjörður, this waterfall almost looks like a divine intervention with nature given its crystal-clear spring water, the lush green vegetation on the surrounding landscapes, and a serene environment. Standing in front of the waterfall at the foot is the ideal place to get a great view of the waterfall. Hiking up to the top the waterfall will not do much in terms of improving the view but it sure can be a good place to get a closer look at the extremely calm and clear water of the falls.

Klifbrekkufossar multi layer waterfalls in Mjoifjordur east Iceland

Peaking from Behind the Slopes

Klifbrekkufossar is carefully set between huge cliffs and every different angle offers a different kind of view. The name Klifbrekkufossar translates to ‘Climbingslopeswaterfalls’ which does complete justice to these visuals that it presents. The term “slopes” in the name also seems to refer to the slopes of Mjóifjörður side of the mountain pass. It is located at Mjóifjörður heath that leads ahead to the Mjóifjörður fjords via Reyðarfjörður and Egilsstaðir. Mjóifjörður has a population count of 11 which makes it a place solely assigned to nature and its rugged beauty. The sites are never tampered with because of human intervention and the remote location of these fjords makes it difficult for a lot of visitors to travel here frequently which results in lesser tourism and more preservation.

While the name clearly states the waterfalls as multiple entities, it is better to classify it as a single long waterfall with 7 drops and a height of 90 meters. Unlike most waterfalls in Iceland, Klifbrekkufossar is not fed by glacial rivers. It instead gets water from Fjarðará, a spring-fed river that gets its water from multiple sources like small springs and lakes located in the heath above. The spring water in the river is not contaminated by dust, dirt, and other polluting factors which makes it exceptionally clear with an incredible vibe of purity.

Klifbrekkufossar multi layer waterfalls in Mjoifjordur east Iceland

Selective Accessibility

If you think that the remote location and negligible human population in the surrounding area are the only things that make Klifbrekkufossar exclusive then you are in for a surprise. Along with its exceptional shape, size, and appearance, the accessibility to the waterfalls are also very rigid. It can only be traveled in the summer season from June to September depending on the weather. The road (mountain pass) that leads down to the waterfall and Mjóifjörður fjords from the heath above is often closed in winters given the fact that it is already difficult enough to drive down there in summers.

How to Get There?

It is an 8-hour long journey to Klifbrekkufossarn waterfalls from Reykjavík so, a single day trip may not suffice for the travels. The waterfall will come by on the right side when you drive on road 953 between Reyðarfjörður and Egilsstaðir. The road that leads down to the bottom of fjords from the heath is a gravel road and is about 18 kilometers long. So, the only way to get through it in summers is by a 4×4 vehicle. When the road is closed in winters, the locals have to use boats to travel outside of the fjords. Note that Mjóifjörður is narrow (which is also the English translation of its Icelandic name – The Narrow Fjord) so ensure that you proceed safely with the driving. Rest assured, you will be rewarded with a worthy prize at the end of this difficult and thrill-inducing trail.

Klifbrekkufossar multi layer waterfalls in Mjoifjordur east Iceland

Map of Klifbrekkufossar

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