Krossneslaug: A Geothermal Pool In Westfjords, Iceland


Basic Information

  • Accessible between mid May – August.
  • Heated with natural hot springs.
  • Great spot for whale watching.
  • Bumpy gravel road. 
  • GPS: 66.05625, -21.50852

Remotely located in the Strandir region of the Westfjords, Krossneslaug is a geothermal pool that attracts many travelers every year. Unlike many other swimming pools of the country, Krossneslaug is heated by natural hot springs. The distinctiveness of this place comes from the fact that the part of Westfjords is the oldest part of Iceland. This region is the least affected by the volcanic rift that flows through the center of Iceland. Due to this fact, it is possible to hold the unique characteristic of Icelandic culture at Krossneslaug. The natural attractions around this geothermal pool provide an amazing view to capture. Krossneslaug is sometimes known as an ‘Infinity Pool’ due to the view of the magnificent ocean, with nothing hindering between these two water bodies. The wild black pebble beach of the sea at the edge of this geothermal pool looks stunning.

The panoramic view of gigantic mountains on the one side of the pool and endless ocean on the other side looks incredible. You will find dressing rooms at this place that are well-maintained with changing facilities. There is a facility of showers available at the pool that makes the experience more joyful. You can often witness whales raising their flukes rarely in the ocean. Most commonly, you can get a glimpse of Humpback Whales. You can also get a chance to see dolphins. This area of Westfjords is home to many seabirds and seals.  Located in the small settlement of Krossnes, Krossneslaug is far from any major civilization. The nearest towns of Hólmavík and Drangsnes are located at a distance of over 100 kilometers.  Because of the dramatic, isolated surroundings of the Strandir region, people usually choose to camp here.

Krossneslaug pool in the Westfjords of Iceland

Places Around Krossneslaug

Explore the region around this amazing geothermal pool. Visit Hrolleifsborg, one of the largest mountains in the region. With a height of 776 meters, the Hrolleifsborg is a famous spot for hiking. You can also explore the Trékyllisvík in Northwest Iceland that is an isolated cove in the region of Westfjords. It is located in the northernmost municipality of Árneshreppur. This place boasts an old church, a primary school, and a historic churchyard. Trékyllisvík is surrounded by giant mountains, making the complete Strandir region one of the most picturesque areas in the Westfjords. At Trékyllisvík, you can witness a wealth of bird life and even the seals that love the cove.

Travel around Bjarnarfjörður, which is also a fjord in the Westfjords. Located south of Veiðileysufjörður and north of Steingrímsfjörður, Bjarnarfjörður is known for its secluded location. The hiking trails and the playful seals that colonize the fjord’s waters provide an astonishing view. You can also visit the Sorcerer’s Cottage and the remarkable Lambatindur Mountain. The hilly landscapes surrounding the mountain result in beautiful trails. The wide blue ocean on the northeastern side, Siberian wreckage stacking along the coastline, grassy lowlands, and attention-grabbing rock formations surround the mountain’s base that collectively makes the view astonishing.

Hákarlavogur hot spring is another hidden gem that is located on the way to Krossneslaug. The hot spring is seldom visited by travelers so you might have it to yourself.

krossneslaug hot spring pool in the Westfjords of Iceland

How To Reach Krossneslaug

Krossneslaug is situated at a distance of about 337-kilometers from Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. If you are starting from Reykjavík, head on to Ring Road 1 towards the north and cross the Borgornes town. After driving for around half an hour, make a left turn to drive on route 60 towards Vestfjarðavegur. Make a right turn to head on to route 61 after driving for around 50 kilometers. Keep driving on route 61 and pass through Hólmavík. After driving for a few kilometers, turn to the right and head on route 643. Keep driving on this route to reach the Krossneslaug geothermal pool. Note that the last part of the road is a bumpy gravel road. Therefor it takes a pretty long time to travel short distances. Krossneslaug is accessible between mid of May to August.

Map of Krossneslaug

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Nearby Locations

Hákarlavogur Hot Spring | Secret Hot Spring in the Westfjords

Hákarlavogur Hot Spring | Secret Hot Spring in the Westfjords

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Tálknafjörður: A Beautiful Fjord In the Westfjords

Drangsnes hot tubs with a view in the Westfjords of Iceland

Drangsnes Hot Tubs or “The Hot Tub Trio”

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