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Hot Springs in Iceland

Grímsfjall hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 64.40688, -17.26599 Grímsfjall is located in 1732 meters above sea level.  You should only travel to the glacier and hot spring if...
Marteinslaug hot spring
Marteinslaug hot spring is a secret that is known by locals or only a few lucky travelers who took the less-traveled gravel road even though it is located close to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland, Geysir.
Nauteyrarlaug hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.91711, -22.34193 Hidden hot spring in the Westfjords.  Off the beaten path.  Temperature around 40-42°C.  The water in the hot spring is...
Laugaland hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.51181, -22.30315 Hidden hot spring in the West Iceland. Temperature around 40-49°C.  No changing facilities.  Enriched in exotic flora and fauna, Iceland...
Vegavinnubaðið hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.62668, -22.94984 Hidden hot spring in the Westfjords.  Hard to find.  Beautiful hike.  Are you wondering where are the best Hot Springs?...
Gvendarlaug hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.78146, -21.52166 Has been protected since 1989.  It is not allowed to bathe in this hot spring. Gvendarlaug is a natural hot...
Djúpavogskörin hot springs
Located in the East of Iceland, Djúpavogskörin Hot Springs is a hidden gem for sure and is a perfect place to rejuvenate your soul with a dip in the hot water spring.
Skátalaug Hot Spring
Basic Information GPS: 63.90393, -22.04331 No changing facilities.  Temperature around 34°C The size of the hot spring is 14 x 5 m Fits approximately 35-40...
Strútslaug hot spring
Strútslaug hot spring has been used as a perfect place for bathing for decades but is still untouched and hidden.
Basic Information Hidden hot spring in west Iceland GPS: 64.49027, -21.17833 Tricky to find – There are no markings or board to direct you throughout...
Basic Information The temperature of the water is around 38-39° C The water at Geosea is known for being rich in minerals. GeoSea is a...
Previous Next Basic Information Geothermal area in the Highlands of Iceland.  Hveravellir includes one hot spring that is suitable for bathing.  Iceland is one of...
Basic Information GPS: 65.84528, -22.61212 Temperature around 40°C Size; 2 x 6 meters, dept 80 cm Sea view from the pool.  Small changing rooms.  Free of...
Drangsnes Hot Pots
Basic Information GPS: 65.6882, -21.44825 Fee of charge. Changing facilities available.  Located in Drangsnes village in the Westfjords.  Planning to visit Iceland is probably the best...
Krosslaug hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.51961, -23.40533 Hidden Gem – not many travelers know about this hot spring.  Can be hard to find – follow the GPS...
Basic Information Iceland is made of exotic locations. With a footfall of about half a million every year, Iceland excites locals and foreigners alike when...
Basic Information GPS: 64.86961, -22.28377 Hidden Gem – Hard to find No sign lead you to the hot spring. Bumpy gravel road.  Temperature around 40°C.  Fits...
Geothermal Goldfish Pond
Basic Information GPS: 66.01534, -17.35684 Located 2 km south of Húsavík in north Iceland.  Swim with the goldfish in the hot spring.  Temperature around 20-30°C. No...
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 65.88225, -19.73694 Two hot spring pools, Grettislaug and Jarlslaug Temperature around 39°C / 102 F Changing facilities available.  Small fee to...
Kvika hot spring
Basic Information 25-30 cm deep, 80-90 cm wide. Fed by a nearby borehole. Temperature around 102°F / 39°C. Perfect spot to watch the northern lights,...
Pollurinn Hot Pool
Basic Information Located in the Westfjords  GPS: 65.64908, -23.89486 Temperature: around 40-45 °C Parking lot Easy access Dressing rooms Shower available Free of charge Serene coastal...
Secret Lagoon
Secret Lagoon is a place treasured by the Icelandic population. Secret Lagoon is filled by naturally occurring hot springs located at Hverahólmi. The lagoon is an exquisite terrain surrounded by lush green lands and majestic mountains. Tourists find it easily accessible, considering it is located within the range of the Golden Circle route.
Blue Lagoon
Previous Next Basic Information An arena of picturesque locations, Iceland is peppered with mesmerizing lakes, massive waterfalls, and other such beautiful places. Blue Lagoon is...
Basic Information Iceland has always been one of the most fascinating destinations that never fails to attract travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and environmentalists from across...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that shows extreme geological contrasts within a few kilometers, which is sure to leave you awestruck and...
Basic Information Accessible between mid May – August. Heated with natural hot springs. Great spot for whale watching. Bumpy gravel road.  GPS: 66.05625, -21.50852 Remotely located...
Hellulaug hot spring
GPS: 65.57715, -23.15948 No Hiking Required – parking lot few meters from the hot spring Hidden Gem Can be hard to find – follow the GPS...
For a travel enthusiast who loves secluded places more than the crowded beaches and the crowded towns, the Reykjafjarðarlaug hot spring is a perfect place...
Basic Information Visiting a calm and beautiful hot spring is the choice of many travelers who are looking for peace. If you are planning to...
Basic Information If you are an avid traveller who enjoys peace, serenity and beauty of nature more than crowded beaches, cafes with long queues then...
Previous Next Basic Information You would think that Iceland is all about long stretched simple green plains, the highlands, the glaciers, and the lava caves...
Reykjadalur Hot Spring
Basic Information Reykjadalur Valley is situated near Hveragerði town which is located at a distance of around 45 km from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. Filled...
If you enjoy stand-alone secluded places more than the ones which are popular and beautiful but very crowded than Hrunalaug is your ideal place to be. One of the many secret hot springs of Iceland, Hrunalaug hot spring is a small, hidden hot spring pool that is not known to many people. This is why, you can expect to be alone or in the company of only a few people. Hrunalaug is situated only a few meters away from the Secret lagoon of Iceland, the less crowded variant of the Blue Lagoon.
Previous Next Basic Information Seljavallalaug is a hidden swimming pool in Iceland. It is hard to access the geothermal pool built in a secluded valley...
Basic Information Hidden Hot Spring in East Iceland GPS:  65.0066, -15.76243 4×4 car is required to get to the hot spring.  Temperature around 40°C.  Laugarvallalaug...

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