Game of Thrones Tour | Most Popular Locations

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan in Iceland, you’ll not want to miss a visit to some of the show’s most famous filming locations. Icelandic landscapes and natural features have become hallmarks of the show’s breathtaking backdrops, including waterfalls, rift valleys, medieval villages, and most scenes North of the...

Super Jeep Safari

This Super Jeep Safari will take you to the Hidden secrets in the highlands of Iceland.

Fimmvorduhals Hike

A single-day-hike, Fimmvorduhals Hike is one of the most popular hikes in Iceland among both tourists and locals alike

Þórsmörk Super Jeep

There is one place in Iceland that you can not afford to miss and that place is Þórsmörk. Exploring this place on a super jeep takes the adventure to the next level.

Þórsmörk Hike

Visit the land of the god of thunder, Thor, with us on this glorious, adventure hike of the Valley of Þórsmörk.