Faxi Waterfall – Embrace the Tranquility


Basic Information

Also referred to as Fossin Faxi or Vatnsleysufoss, Faxi Waterfall is located on the Golden Circle, a famous tourist trail in the southwestern part of Iceland. A smaller version of Gullfoss, this is a wide river waterfall. It flows from Tungufljot River that is fed by glaciers and other streams from the highlands in Iceland’s interiors. This is one tier fall and adds beauty to the scenic landscape of the Golden Circle. It is 12 km from Geysir hot spring area and 20 km from Gullfoss. The waterfall is 80 m wide and 7 m high. If you plan the Golden Circle self driving tour, consider adding Faxi Waterfall to it. Do not miss a chance to intake the charm and sound of this waterfall while you tour the trail.

Faxi waterfall in the golden Circle

Know more about the Waterfall

This wide waterfall is located in a broad area with flat farmlands where no one can predict the presence of a waterfall. Tungufljot River stretches to a width of approximately 300 ft. and has a fall of 22 ft. which is passed by a fish ladder. About 400 salmons breed in this river every year. There is a second smaller channel of the river that branches off to the right, creating an isolated segment to the fall. Go hiking downstream to get the view of this portion of the waterfall. It is marked on several maps as Vatnsleysufoss. The signs of the fall are marked as Faxa.

Activities to Indulge in

This region offers an array of activities to participate in. Consider hiking through the countryside around the waterfall. You can even sight Icelandic horses and a diversity of birds in summer. This area is a breeding ground for salmons. You can enjoy lunch at the Vid Faxa, a restaurant close to the site, and view the beautiful landscape. The scenic view also makes a good subject for photography. There is an adjacent fish ladder that detracts from this waterfall, offering a perfect view to take some snaps. The waterfall is short and its orientation hardly makes a difference regarding sunlight. Clicking pictures gets easy in such a situation. You can walk near the waterfall on the lower level and feel the drizzle from the water.

Activities in the area

Faxi waterfall

Detour from the Golden Circle

The entire trail refreshes you. There are many sites alongside Faxi that you can add to your “bucket list”. If you plan to seek relaxation and rejuvenate, Laugarvatn Fontana Spa is the place for you or else the Secret Lagoon at Fludir. If you are into culture, you can consider visiting the eco-village Solheimar or the historical settlement of Skalholt. You can also partake in activities like snorkeling in Silfra or snowmobiling on Langjokull. There is a sheep coral down the hill where the farmers gather their sheep in the fall and sort them.

Access to Faxi Waterfall

Faxi Waterfall is located off the Route 35 of south Geysir. It can be accessed easily through a 5-minute detour from the Golden Circle. At the junction of Route 37 and 35, take the latter route south toward Selfoss and Reykholt for 6 km. Look for the sign on the left of the road, pointing to Vid Faxa. Follow the indicated route for about 100 m to the parking area that overlooks the falls. A short path takes you to the view deck and picnic table that overlooks the falls.

Faxi Waterfall is the perfect example of what wonders even the corner in south Iceland can hold. The Nordic country is full of surprises, adventure, and beautiful sites.

Faxi waterfall on a map

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