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Iceland is one of the most beautiful travel destinations that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Iceland represents nature at its best! A perfect place for solo travelers, hikers, divers, adventure enthusiasts, climbers and even the folks who are looking for a romantic, peaceful, spiritual or a laid-back getaway; you will come across raw nature, which is sure to leave you stunned and hypnotized. The colorful mountains, highlands, snow-blanketed mountains, cascading waterfalls, Icelandic horses, the marine life of Iceland, glacial lakes, crystal clear ice caves, and many more. Iceland is also the house to Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull. You just can not leave Iceland without carrying tons of memories and adventure experiences with you. Turning and moving to the other side of the page, Iceland not just has sky-kissing mountains and waterfalls, but this place is also known for its unique, extremely beautiful, and friendly Icelandic animals. Yes, don’t forget to spare a day to meet and greet the Icelandic animals and pet them at the Slakki Petting Zoo. So, shuffle up your travel itinerary and visit this well-maintained Slakki Petting Zoo with your family and children to let them experience nature at its best.

lamb in Slakki petting zoo

Perfect Place to Spend Time with Family at Slakki Petting Zoo:

Slakki Petting Zoo is located in Laugarás which is a part of the famous Golden Circle. It is therefor the ideal stop for your family trip to the Golden Circle.  And if you are someone who loves to pet animals, then without any doubt this place is for you. You not only get to experience the beautiful countryside of Iceland, but the main attraction would be the Icelandic animals in the zoo.

For an animal lover, this place is heaven. This petting zoo has parrots, puppies, piglets, turtles, guinea pigs, kittens, mice, calves, ducklings, rabbits, fish, chicken, the arctic fox and to your surprise turkeys are also there in the zoo. This petting zoo in the village of Laugarás has been there for almost 20 years and has everything that a petting zoo should have. It has been a favorite among locals for years. Icelandic families like to travel to this zoo on they off days to spend some quality time with their kids.

Sit and relax while your children or you too can enjoy with all the animals. Visit the cat house to pet and cuddle with the cats and kittens. You will see puppies and calves being fed with a small baby bottle; you too can do that. The enthusiasm and the happiness in the Slakki Zoo’s atmosphere can be felt, which is enough to make your day! Not just children, people across all age groups enjoy being with the Icelandic furry and friendly animals. You can find arctic foxes in the zoo as well which is very rare to see unless you are in the highlands of Iceland or in the Westfjords. The arctic fox is located in the outside area which is far from the parrots, goats, and bunnies. This family-run petting zoo is an ultimate destination to get up and close with the animals. You enjoy cuddling them and they are friendly, so no need to worry about safety when visiting with kids. Let your little ones explore the zoo on their own; it develops a sense of responsibility to be gentle and loving with animals. You will also see beautiful little turf houses that are also the main attraction for kids and someone who has never seen a turf house before.

kittens in Slakki petting zoo

Not just the animals, this petting zoo also has arrangements for your complete entertainment, it has billiard tables, a small mini golf course, an amusement arcade, and few other playing activities that are sure to keep you engaged for a longer duration. If you are not carrying food, you have the option to select from – there is a restaurant serving refreshments, hamburgers, ice cream, and different cakes for the visitors.

Directions to Slakki Zoo

If you wish to visit Slakki Zoo from the capital city Reykjavík, then it will take you approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover approximately 94.5 km. Slakki is located close to Flúðir village and the Secret Lagoon which are part of the Golden Circle. It is therefor the ideal stop on your self driving trip to the Golden Circle. Slakki Zoo makes a perfect destination to spend quality time with family and of course with the Icelandic animals.

kitten and puppy in Slakki petting zoo

Slakki Petting Zoo on a map

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