Thorufoss (Þórufoss) – All You need to Know Guide


Originating from 25 km Laxá í Kjós river, The Thorufoss has the largest of the many rapids and cascades that run towards Hvalfjörður to the north. The waterfall is in the east of Lake Thingvallavatn. It is the primary attraction along Iceland’s famous Golden Circle route. It is a short detour off the main road 1 and is a scenic waterfall which drops 62 ft. over a round cliff, stretching to approximately 100 ft. wide. Though not as powerful as most waterfalls that route the Circle, the Thorufoss has contrasting hues, especially when the melted snow is not actively fueling the stream. 

woman standing on top of Þórufoss waterfall in the Golden Circle in Iceland

Know More about the Waterfall

The Thorufoss resides in the capital region of Iceland, near Reykjavik. The place is administered by the municipality of Kjosarhreppur. The waterfall has a trapezoidal shape and offers a raw and picturesque landscape that satisfies your soul. The ravine in which the waterfall is located is not visible from the small pullout. This means that you would have to walk a short distance towards the river before it is finally revealed. The river itself is known for its quantity of feisty Atlantic salmon. You can access the river by going down very steep terrain on loose rocks and boulders. A great adventure for the adventurists among you!

woman standing in front of Þórufoss waterfall in the Golden Circle in Iceland

More about the Landscape

It is possible to scramble to the base of the falls but the slopes are quite steep and unstable. The view from down is very interesting because you can get so close to the waterfall. The area is scenic but the neighboring landscape is rather dull. You will get great options for photography. The falls face due north and will be partially shaded in the morning by the adjacent cliff – giving the best light around mid-day, allowing you to experiment with your camera. 

Game of Throne Fans’ Paradise

Situated in Mosfellsdalur valley, Thorufoss waterfall is the site where a scene from Game of Throne’s Season 4, Episode 6 “The Laws of Gods and Men” was shot. It is the same place where little goat herder is seen sitting on the edge of the cliff looking out at the waterfall. This is when Drogon, one of Daenerys’ three baby dragons, rises out of nowhere and roasts a goat for dinner. Despite that terrifying scene, the waterfall is scenic and blissful in real-time. 

Attractions near Thorufoss

There is never too little to explore in the region. If you are a nature enthusiast, the place has innumerable sites to explore.


Móskarðshnjúkar is a mountain and popular hiking route in the south-west corner of Iceland, next to Mt. Esja. The mountain is visible from the Capital city and is also celebrated as a venue for backcountry skiing. You will come across avid trekkers who are sweeping rhyolite landscapes and challenging trails for hiking or mountain biking. 


Hengill is an active volcano that has not erupted for about 2,000 years. However, there is lava close to the surface as evidenced by the steaming fumaroles and many hot springs. Two power stations harness the energy potential at Hengill and are called Nesjavellir and Hellisheiði. 

Thingvellir National Park

Probably the most beautiful site on the Icelandic mainland, Thingvellir is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country. It is one of the famous three stops on the Golden Circle Circuit. This national park is nothing less than sheer aesthetic beauty and has awe-inspiring landscape – dried magma fields that are covered in Icelandic moss, glacial springs, and a bowl of ancient mountain peaks. 


Almannagjá is a gorge within Thingvellir National Park that marks the edge of the North American tectonic plate. It is a remarkable feature that is more distinctive than the park itself. It marks the boundary of the Mid-Atlantic Rift that runs through Iceland. This rift is space between North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. 

Þórufoss waterfall in the Golden Circle in Iceland

Getting there

To reach this waterfall, depart from Highway 1 in the city of Mossfellsbær, on to Route 36 – the same route assigned for Thingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss, and the Golden Circle. Follow the Route east for 17.3 km and take a left to Route 48 and continue for another 5.6 km to where the sign marks the falls and a parking space. You can walk a few steps down to a promontory along the canyon. 

Map of Þórufoss

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Nearby Locations

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