Grindavík – A Fishing Town In Reykjanes Peninsula


Basic Information

Grindavík, a small town surrounded by mossy lava fields and natural wonders, is one of Iceland’s important fishing industry townships. It is home to many well-established processing plants with a large fleet of fishing ships. Situated at the southern end of Reykjanes Peninsula in a dramatic landscape of lava fields next to the Atlantic Ocean, Grindavik town boasts spectacular natural beauty. It is surrounded by natural gems such as Eldvörp, Gunnuhver, Selatangar, Brimketill, the Reykjanes Light House, the fierce lava and of course the Blue Lagoon. It is popular among visitors and locals for its geothermal and volcanic activity. Around the town, you will find moss-covered lava and majestic mountains which people use for hiking, training and general adventures activities. It is a hub for various restaurants, a swimming pool, a colorful harbor, a fishery-themed museum, and the town’s own sports team. Grindavik has a population of over three thousand inhabitants. The ocean on one side and lava mountains at the other end provides a beautiful view.

road in Grindavík

What to Expect at Grindavik

At the doorstep of Grindavik, you will find the majestic Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most popular tourist destination. Due to the location of Blue Lagoon at a distance of 6.3 kilometers, Grindavik town has emerged as a tourist destination and witnessed significant growth. This fishing town accommodates tourists while providing many services including a new camping area and other state-of-the-art facilities in the summer of 2009.
The area around Grindavik offers opportunities for adventure, from vivid hiking trails, and to bird-watching from the cliffs. You can also visit the places around this town and take a tour of the volcano, fish for trout, and hike through caves, and even ride a horse.

The town organizes an annual festival called Sjóarinn Síkáti or the Constantly Happy Sailor that revolves around Iceland’s National Sailor’s Day. It is celebrated during the first weekend in June. From its 18-hole golf course to the Saltfisksetur Íslands Museum, Grindavik offers most of the services that a tourist need.

You can visit the Blue Lagoon and take a dip in the aquamarine blue healing waters. The Blue Lagoon Spa is located in front of Mount Þorbjörn and is supplied by water used in the Svartsengi geothermal power station. Rich in Silica, the Blue Lagoon forms a white mud on the bottom that is used by travelers as a skin cleansing paste. At a distance of just 3.4 kilometers north of Grindavik, you get to see a free-standing, hyaloclastite mountain called Þorbjörn. The mount Þorbjörn offers a magnificent panoramic view over the Reykjanes Peninsula. The north-east part of the mountain depicts thermal activity. There is an extensive high-temperature area to its northern part. This 243 meters high majestic mountain is split by a fissure called “The Thieves´ Gap” (Þjofagja). You can see the vast Blue Lagoon from the mountain. While exploring the region, you can stop by at Gunnuhver, which is a highly active geothermal area of mud pools and steam vents. Gunnuhver is named after Gudrun, a female ghost whose spirit was trapped in the hot springs by a priest around 400 years ago. The groundwater of the Gunnuhver hot springs is completely seawater that makes it unique from other hot springs of Iceland. The colorful minerals in the ground offer vibrant hues. Since the temperature of the springs is over 300˚C, it is important to treat lightly with precautions.

pink skies over lava fields in Grindavík Reykjanes

Way to Reach Grindavik

Grindavík is located at a distance of 42 kilometers from Reykjavík. If you are starting from Reykjavík, the journey will take about 50 minutes. Since it is well connected by roads and public transport, you can take a bus or hire a rental car to reach the town. While traveling from the capital city of Iceland, you will cross the town of Kópvogur, Garðabær, and Hafnarfjörður. Once you have reached the road Reykjanesbraut, you are in good hands. You can drive towards this road until you reach a sign for the Blue Lagoon and Grindavík, a little futher than Vogar. Make a right turn from Reykjanesbraut to road 43, called Grindavíkurvegur. The road will lead you all the way to Grindavík. 

road signs in Grindavík Keflavik and Blue Lagoon

Grindavík on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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