Reykjanestá: A Picturesque Landscape in Iceland


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The first thought that evokes when you hear about Iceland is prominently the snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, geysers, the mesmerizing sights, hot lava fields, cloud-covered mountains, mysterious rocks, extreme geological contrasts, hot springs, and black sand beaches. Yes, the calm and serene Icelandic environment never fails to attract travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, and environmentalists across the world. This place is indeed on every traveler’s bucket list. Though there are innumerable places to visit, there are certain places that will leave you awestruck and one such place in Iceland is the Reykjanestá. This place is sure to captivate the visitors and create a majestic experience for them. You are sure to experience tranquility when you reach Reykjanestá. So, let’s just explore and find out more about this place.

Reykjanesta Valhnukamol in Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

Spend Some Time Rejuvenating Amidst the Beauty of Reykjanestá

Reykjanestá also known as Reykjanes, is the most south-western tip of Reykjanes peninsula and is considered to be the most scenic landscapes in the area. When you reach Reykjanestá, you will witness the mid-Atlantic ridge that marks the edges of the two diverging plates. The volcanic highlands top the ridge which is made of rift sections that are set off with fracture zones; these are the consequences of the tectonic plates. The Reykjanes peninsula is along the Mid-Atlantic rift wherein the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates drift apart. This is the reason the entire region is extremely volcanically active and with that, the eruptions and earthquakes become very common here. The place is highly characterized by lava fields, volcanoes, and extreme geothermal activity. But fret not, there have been no records of extreme eruptions from the last 500 years that assures you to visit the place, though earthquakes are still common. There are different geothermal areas connected to Reykjanes that includes the Gunnuhver, Svartsengi, and Krýsuvik.

When visiting Reykjanestá, be always careful of the creaks and fissure. The southwest tip of the peninsula is known for the extreme natural activities and the waves are known to reach near about one hundred feet, so this demands tourists to be more cautious.

Reykjanesta Valhnukamol in Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

Climb Up Valahnjúkur

While you explore Reykjanestá and the area surrounding it, don’t forget to climb up the hill Valahnjúkur. This hill is sure to give you a vantage point when you reach the top. The stunning coastline is sure to leave your jaw drop. You can see Eldey Island and the nearby area surrounding it. This is indeed one of the most interesting places to visit. When you are done climbing the hill, you can also visit the nearby Valahnúkamöl boulder ridge, next to Valahnjúkur, and on the tip of Reykjanes. It is composed of 1 – 3 feet thick rounded stones.

Nature and Wildlife

When roaming around the area, you will see a statue of the Great Auk, which is located on the cliffs at Reykjanestá. The statue is located near the location that is believed to be the point where the last mating pair was killed in 1844. Valahnjúkur is seen in the background. This place is home to numerous colonies of stunning sea birds. There you will get to witness the largest stack – Karl along with the large colony of kittiwakes. But don’t disturb them, just witness the beautiful sight.

So, jot down all the points and make sure you visit this place and experience the calmness of Iceland on your own. No words are enough to describe this beauty. Go and experience once!

Map of Reykjanestá

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