Reykjafoss Waterfall – North Iceland’s Hidden Gem


Basic Information

Milky white water flowing through the rocks and falling into the river is one of the beauties of nature. One such piece of nature’s beauty is found in the northwest region of Iceland.  Reykjafoss, located in Skagafjörður, is one of the hidden gems of Iceland. The burbling sound of water and a panoramic view of the waterfall will give an amazing experience. In the backdrop, it has towering mountains. Surrounded with the fields flourished with flowers, this place offers you a chance to capture nature’s true beauty in your camera. Reykjafoss has many more things around it including a hot spring called Fosslaug. Though this waterfall is not big as compared to other waterfalls, the cascading and rushing water makes it unique from others. The waterfall cascades down in the Huseyjarkvisl River from the height of around 20 meters. Pouring into the river, it finally meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Reykjafoss waterfall in north Iceland

Waterfall, Hot Spring and River

By walking on the well-maintained terrain around this waterfall, you will see many other natural sites. Capture the wide view of the water streams going into the river after two steps. Tall mountains covered with the clouds provide a mesmerizing look. After a walk of a few minutes, you will witness the Fosslaug hot spring. The serenity of this place will captivate you with its beauty. It is an ideal place to visit for travel enthusiasts and people looking for a calm and peaceful place. You can take a soothing dip in the warm water of Fosslaug hot spring. The hot spring is 100% natural so do not expect any changing room at this place.

Visiting the place on a clear day without clouds provides you with the best panoramic view. If you are planning to visit during the summer season then you will enjoy the place under the setting sun or in the twilight. In the winter season, you can take a warm dip in the hot spring and capture the majestic view under the clouds. If you want to get a view of the full flow of water, visit in the rainy days as it will increase the water flow. Warm water in the hot spring and stream of chilled water flowing in the river will feel something out of a dream. You can take a dip in the Huseyjarkvisl River and switch to the hot water of Fosslaug in no time.

winter at Reykjafoss waterfall in north Iceland

How To Reach There

The Reykjafoss is located at a distance of 7 km, south of Varmahlið. Reaching this place is quite easy as the path is even and you will not find any difficulty to spot it. You can drive through the Ring Road which is convenient for all types of vehicles. While driving on Ring Road, turn off to Road No. 752 and drive for some time. As you cross the bridge, make a turn to your right. Within 5 minutes of the drive after crossing the bridge, you will reach the parking lot. Cover the rest of the way on foot as the Reykjafoss waterfall is not much far from the parking space.

You can visit the place with friends or family as the Fosslaug hot spring situated nearby the waterfall provides space for around 10 people. Carrying a pair of tough walking boots would be a good choice to track the hilly terrain. If you feel the water is too hot in Fosslaug, take a quick dip in the river to cool you down. You can bring the crampons if you are visiting during winters or rainy days as the terrain can become slippery these days. There are many hostels and hotels situated around this place that provide all the basic facilities to make your trip comfortable.

Map of Reykjafoss

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