Fosslaug Hot Spring


Basic Information

Visiting a calm and beautiful hot spring is the choice of many travelers who are looking for peace. If you are planning to visit a peaceful place rather than a crowded beach or hill station then add Fosslaug Hot Spring in your itinerary. Like many hot springs in Iceland, Fosslaug is made with rocks and mud floor. It is located near the river that enhances the beauty of this hot spring. Unlike other hot springs of Iceland, the water of Fosslaug hot springs remains comparatively warm. To visit this natural piece of beauty, you will have to go little offbeat on your way. You may have to drive using the GPS to reach this secluded place of Iceland. The bigger size of hot spring can accommodate around 10 people so if you are traveling with your friends or family, this is a perfect place to visit. The off-beat location has been able to maintain its natural beauty.

Surrounded by the river and Reykjafoss waterfall, the hot spring is picturesque that attracts avid travelers to experience the beauty. You will witness the cold stream of water flowing through the river just 50 meters away. Built at a secluded place without any construction around it, you will experience taking a dip traditionally. You can capture the magnificent beauty of the waterfall and river altogether. Clear sky, uneven terrain and the burbling sound of water will take you to the fantasy world you have ever imagined. As you look far away from the hot spring, you will witness the sky meeting land, the local horizon.

Fosslaug hot spring in north Iceland

How to Reach There

Located at a secluded place, the Fosslaug Hot Spring can be easily accessed. It lies between the Huseyjarkvisl River and an artificial channel. If you are traveling through road 1, drive off onto Road 752 at Varmahlíð. Drive for around 7 kilometers on this road and turn left when you notice the signboard for Vindheimar. While traveling through this way, you will cross two small bridges built over the river. Turn right on the gravel road and park your car when you reach the fence. The hot spring is not much far from the parking space, you can cover the distance on foot in 5 minutes. While moving towards the hot spring, pass through the two gates heading right. You will notice a blue sign for Fosslaug and spray of the waterfall to the right. Capture the beautiful cascade before leading to the hot spring.

To verify the collection location, look around for a waterfall and a river flowing near to each other. While driving to this hot spring, you will cross many beautiful sites to capture in your camera. You can make halts at these places to make your trip adventurous and memorable. This hot spring will offer you a historical experience. The temperature of the water remains around 40°C throughout the year so you can plan your trip in the winter season to get a soothing dip in warm water. During the summer season, you can take bath under the twilight while in winters; you will get the magical experience of soothing soak under the clouds.

Fosslaug hot spring in north Iceland

Map of Fosslaug

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