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Basic Information

Iceland most probably is the only place that finds its place in nearly every traveler’s bucket list, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. Iceland is called a place of fire and ice, which is completely correct and justified by the jaw-dropping and spectacular panoramic views, bubbling hot springs, geysers, volcanic sites, majestic waterfalls, and not to forget the Aurora. And all this within Iceland. There is another most beautiful and peaceful place in Iceland that is sure to draw your attention with its calm and serene environment. And it is Grundarfjörður. Let’s now explore this place and the things you can do when you visit Grundarfjörður.

sunset at Grundarfjörður village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

About Grundarfjörður Fishing Village

Grundarfjörður is a small beautiful town, which is situated in the north of Snæfellsnes peninsula, west of Iceland, and on the fjord of Breiðafjörður. This town is exactly in the middle of the northern coast of the Peninsula. Grundarfjörður is known for its extremely unique climate and nature, while a small peninsula is formed by the nearby mountain Kirkjufell. The Kirkjufell Mountain is indeed the most photographed place in Iceland and reflects the immense beauty of nature. This small town, which is situated between a mountain range and sea, has been steadily growing and developing since 1940, while the current population is nearly 900 people. There are plenty of things you can do when you visit West Iceland’s iconic fishing village. A pop of colors sprinkled by the vibrant with colorful houses steals the view. Many of the houses are surrounded by corrugated iron. The love for nature can be seen amongst the natives. The complete village is surrounded by horse-riding and hiking trails, mountains, and the ocean.

Things You Cannot Miss Out When In Grundarfjörður

Mount Kirkjufell and the Waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss

When you plan to visit Grundarfjördur, the first thing you will come to know is about the famous Mt Kirkjufell and the beautiful waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss. Grundarfjördur is often known as the town of Kirkjufell ( the church mountain). Kirkjufell means the church mountain, which is referring to the freestanding form and the majestic size of the mountain. It took millions of years to form this mountain and is located accurately in the middle of two glaciers. The shape is a result of glacial erosion.

Kirkjufell mountain seen from above

“Thunderstorm” Orca in the Middle of Grundarfjordur

Have you ever seen an Orca? If not, then do watch “Thunderstorm” named Orca on land in Grundarfjordur. The Orca sculpture is created by Unnsteinn Guðmundsson. You will see the Orca, fully-grown male and a member of a family of 9 orcas, on whale watching tours during winters. This could be a never-before experience. Do visit here!

Grundarfoss Waterfall

Revise your travel itinerary and do not forget to visit Grundarfoss Waterfall. Many people miss out on this one while visiting the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. But trust us, this 70 meters high waterfall that straight merges to the river Grundará, is sure double up the charm.

a horse standing in front of Grundarfoss waterfall next to Grundarfjordur village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The Information Center

If you are amidst those curious travelers, willing to know the details, history, and evolution of the place, then this could be a treasure for you. Visit the information center, which is located right in the middle of Grundarfjordur town. You can visit the place during the opening hours of the library. Bæringsstofa photo exhibition is recommended on priority. The Icelandic photographer, Bæring Cecilsson’ s photographs are on display depicting the daily life in the old days. Another most exciting and interesting thing you will see is an old cannon that belonged to a French whaling boat and was found in the shore sand next to the Kirkjufell.

Experience the Icelandic Bathing Tradition

It might not be the largest pool, but when in Grundarfjordur, you can relax and rejuvenate in the hot pots and experience the tradition of Icelandic bathing. A wonderful mountain view creates a perfect backdrop.

Grundarfjordur Harbor

The harbor, the livelihood of Grundarfjordur, is quite busy during the day time. Fishing boats can be seen coming in and out with the fishes being transferred to the factory via other small boats and then carried in the large trucks to transport it to the supermarkets.  

Grundarfjörður village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula with view over Kirkjufell mountain

Grundarfjordur Church

One of the must-visit places in the town is the Grundarfjördur church that was opened in 1961 and it took 5 years to build the same. Halldór Halldórsson, the architect of this church also designed other churches in Iceland too. Make sure it is on your list.

Grundarfjörður village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula with view over Kirkjufell mountain

How to Reach Grundarfjordur?

Start your drive from Reykjavík that will take you to Ring Road 1 in a northerly direction. When heading towards Grundarfjordur, you will cross Reykjavík’s renowned Mt. Esja, drive through Hvalfjardargong, and follow Road 1 until you reach Borgarnes. Turn towards Snæfellsnes, from the last roundabout, onto Road 54. Continue on the road and take the last left for Grundarfjordur.

Map of Grundarfjörður

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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a horse standing in front of Grundarfoss waterfall next to Grundarfjordur village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Grundarfoss – A Mesmerizing Waterfall in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

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