Neskaupsstaður Village – The Eastern Village of Iceland


Basic Information

Located on the fjord Norðfjörður in East Iceland, Neskaupstaður is a town which comes under the municipality of Fjarðabyggð. Surrounded by soaring mountains, Neskaupstaður provides a magnificent view. From hiking to horse-riding trails, the Norðfjörður fjord provides many adventure opportunities. Apart from the beautiful scenic background, this village inhibits a strong fishing industry. This area is connected by an 8-kilometer-long road tunnel. Until 50 years ago, the village was only accessible by sea. The fishing industry majorly contributes to the economy of Neskaupsstaður along with tourism. Sildarvinnslan hf, one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland has its headquarters in the town. Farming and other services including a hospital, play a major role in the booming economy of the village. Being the third-largest town in Eastern Region, this town was originally built on “Nes” farm that was settled by Egill Rauði.

Neskaupsstaður village in the Eastfjords of Iceland

Culture and Festivals of The Place

The Neskaupstaður town was also known as “Little Moscow” for its socialist background. Neskaupstaður is popular for its impressive music; it hosts one of Iceland’s most diverse summertime festivals called Eistnaflug. This Icelandic festival is dedicated to metal and punk music. Other forms of cultural life are displayed at Safnahúsið, a three-in-one museum that houses a maritime exhibit, a history collection, and the artworks of local painter Tryggvi Ólafsson. The maritime museum in the old warehouse displays artefacts of ironwork, boat building and fishing. The annual festival of the town, Verslunarmannahelgi is organized at the weekend before the first Monday of August. It includes indoor and outdoor festivals throughout the country. One of the most popular festivals is Neistaflug, a family festival with many events, concerts and parties. Many people moved away in the ’90s and Neskaupstaður suffered significant depopulation, but this was reversed after building an aluminum smelter and a hydroelectric power-plant in East Iceland.

Area Surrounded by Mountains and Sea

Nordfjardarnipa, also known ‘Nipan’, is held by many high palisades that protrude into the sea in Iceland. It separates the fjords Mjoifjordur and Nordfjordur. In 1972, the surrounding area of Nipan became Iceland’s first national park. Inhibiting natural beauty and many hiking trails, this area provides a wonderful experience for travelers. The most popular trail is the one that leads to the Paskahellir cave (‘Easter Cave’) that is carved out from the waves. The holes on the cave walls were left by trees that were covered by lava and give an idea of Iceland’s volcanic history.

While exploring East Iceland and the area around Norfjordur, you can visit Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss waterfalls that is one of the major attractions of this place. Hengifoss being the second-highest waterfall in east Iceland, this picturesque waterfall is 128 meters high. If you want to go for camping and jungle trails then explore the Hallormsstaður National Forest, located nearby.

Neskaupsstaður village in the Eastfjords of Iceland

How to Reach Neskaupstaður Village?

Neskaupstaður village is connected with the outside world through a 626-meterlong tunnel that passes through the Oddsskard Mountains. This village is located at a distance of around 703 kilometers from Reykjavik, that will take 8 hours and 38 minutes approximately. If you are starting from Reykjavík, drive on the ring road 1 towards Egilsstaðir. After reaching Egilsstaðir, take a left turn onto Þjóðvegur. Keep driving on this route to reach Neskaupstaður.

Neskaupsstaður village on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Nearby Locations

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