Flókalundur: One of the Most Gorgeous Fjords in Westfjords’ Southern Coast


Basic Information

Traveling to Iceland is not just only about hiking in the mountains, wading through the muddy and slippery land to reach right in front of the waterfall, or finding a way through the steep mountains to discover the hidden geothermal pools and springs. There is much more than this, being a geologically as well as volcanically active area, Iceland acts like a magnet to seasoned travelers, adventure seekers, and environmentalists from all over the world. Though there are innumerable places in Iceland to stop and adore, there is one place that will leave you with a sense of calmness and satisfaction. You can just spend some time acknowledging the beauty of the surrounding area. Yes, Flókalundur is a place to visit when traveling around the Westfjords of Iceland. So, shuffle up your travel plan and do not forget to add Flókalundur to your “bucket-list”. 

Flókalundur - Westfjords Iceland

More About This Destination

Flókalundur is located in Vatnsfjörður fjord, road number 62, on the Vatnsfjörður shore. This is indeed a perfect stoppage for the tourists in the Westfjords. It can be easily located at the junction of the main road that leads to Isafjordur town and road no. 62 (quite bumpy), which is towards the southwestern peninsula. The magnificent site at Flókalundur overlooks Vatnsfjörður fjord and creates a perfect scenic view for the tourist. Flókalundur is a perfect service center for the tourist with a beautiful view to look out for; you have a clear view of the ocean and Breiðafjörður bay. Not just this, the nearby restaurant, along with the accommodation and good camping site makes it an ideal place to stop by. You can spend quality time with your loved ones, amidst the lap of nature. Flókalundur is the perfect place to stay overnight after a long drive to the Westfjords, and then you can continue with your journey the next day.

When in Flókalundur, you will discover the beautiful birch wood surrounding the area that gives you the chance to go for a short walk, you can even explore the small gorge that starts from the bridge, which is by the service station. Visiting this place gives you a calming experience. You can walk alongside river Penna, while evening walk at the canyon also adds up to your experience. You will find Hellulaug hot spring only few meters from Flókalundur. Not many people known about this, but a dip at the pool will make it even more exciting. The complete area – Vatnsfjörður fjord, and the Flókalundur is a nature reserve.

Hellulaug hot spring in the westfjords of Iceland
Hellulaug hot spring & view over Vatnsfjordur

The Story of Iceland’s Name Originating from Flókalundur

There is a very interesting story behind the name “Iceland” that is believed to originate from this place only. The name “Iceland” was given by Hrafna-Flóki (Raven-Floki), who was believed to have taken the land in Vatnsfjörður fjord, after long and tedious navigation from Norway. Flóki (his nickname), is believed to have stayed for only one winter, the reason being, he was not prepared for the extremely cold environment and the hardships he faced here. Owing to the extreme cold environment, he lost the animals too. But it was during the spring season, that he hiked to the mountain top in the hope of receiving sunshine and bearable weather, but to his surprise the surrounding fjords were only covered with snow that made him announce this place as inhospitable and cold – and thus, he named this place as “Iceland”. This is how Iceland got its name.

How to Reach Flókalundur?

If you are traveling from Reykjavík, the main capital city of Iceland, then it will take you around 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach Flókalundur. Start driving from the city of Reykjavík and follow Suðurgata to Hringbraut/Route 49. You can continue on the journey by taking Þjóðvegur, Vestfjarðavegur; by continuing onto Vestfjarðarvegur (road 60) you will reach to the junction where Flókalundur is located (Barðastrandarvegur road and the one leading to Dynjandisheiði mountain road – road 62).

Hellulaug hot spring in the westfjords of Iceland

Flókalundur on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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