Krosslaug Hot Spring | Hidden hot spring in the Westfjords


Basic Information

  • GPS: 65.51961, -23.40533
  • Hidden Gem – not many travelers know about this hot spring. 
  • Can be hard to find – follow the GPS coordinates above for the correct location.
  • Two pools; one concrete and one more natural by the seashore. 
  • Temperature around 100°F / 37°C

Krosslaug hot spring refers to two hot water bodies situated in Iceland. One is located in the Westfjords, and one in West Iceland. In this article we will talk about the one located in the Westfjords. The hot spring is located in the vicinity of Birkimelur Settlement in the southern part of the Westfjords of Iceland. Hot springs in Iceland have always been a thing of attraction. Explorers do not want to miss a chance on taking a hot dip after a wonderful travel experience.

One of the hot springs is the Westfjords is a concrete swimming pool while the other one, carries the looks of a natural hot spring at the seashore. 

Krosslaug hot spring in Westfjords of Iceland

The Two hot springs in the Westfjords

Krosslaug concrete swimming pool is an old pool located on the coastline of Laugarnes peninsula. The concrete pool was built in 1948 by the local youth association and were used for swimming lessons for the people who lived in the area. The reconstruction happened a few years back making it furthermore beautiful. This hot spring offers breathtaking scenes and brilliant contrasting vistas. There are chances that you can catch a glimpse of Snaefellsjokull Glacier, located at the other end of Breiðarfjörður bay. The glacier is situated on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula but a good view can only be seen when the sky is clear. The temperature of the pool is around 100°F / 37°C. The concrete swimming pool is at of 4 x 13 meters and the depth is 1 – 2 meters. 

Near the seashore, there is a small ‘natural hot spring pool’ near the concrete swimming pool. This small pool also has the same temperature as the concrete. The stones that surround this small pool lend it an authentic feel. So if you want to have a more natural experience, you can sit by this small pool by the seashore.

The place is one of the hidden gems of Iceland, which is still not highly known by tourists. This is why it is unlikely to find many people at this pool. Explorers can surely stop here for a refreshing retreat. The pool and the hot spring are very beautiful and we wonder why it is not more popular among travelers, but you can often find yourself alone in this pool. 

Reaching Krossneslaug hot springs

To avoid any confusion, you can also call Krosslaug- Birkimelur Swimming Pool. Although it is not the right name, it will make things easy for you. Driving a rental car to Krosslaug is advised. There are two ways through which you can reach the hot spring. The first one is to reach the Westfjords from Reykjavik. You need to drive to the Ring Road, then take Road 60. From there take Road 62 to the west to reach the pool.

The second option is to reach Stykkisholmur via car and then take the Breidafjordur ferry from there. You can even stop on Flatey Island on your way.  You can bring along the car. The ferry reaches Brjanslaekur in about three hours. Brjanslaekur is 10 miles east of Krosslaug.

Krosslaug on a map

Interesting locations in the area

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