Siglufjörður: Historic Fishing Town of North Iceland


Basic Information

Narrow fjord surrounded by steep hills, the Siglufjörður town is situated at an isolated place in North Iceland. Being the northernmost town of the mainland, Siglufjörður is a cultural hub that houses Herring Era Museum and Folk Music Museum. Earlier, there was no proper access to this town but the scenario has changed in the last few decades after a tunnel from Ólafsfjörður village was built. If you are planning for a trip to North Iceland, you can stay in this town that provides all the facilities including hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants. This picturesque town is located at the top of Tröllaskagi Peninsular, at a distance of fewer than 40 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The popular Folk Music Festival of this town attracts more travelers than usual. Siglufjörður now attracts visitors from all over the world, making its tourism industry even more important for the emerging economy.

Siglufjordur village in North Iceland

What to Do in Siglufjörður?

From a tiny village to an established town, Siglufjörður became one of the largest settlements of Iceland by the middle of the 20th century. This place is famous for its renowned fishing museum that portrays the fishing history of this town. The Herring Era Museum is one of the largest seafaring and industry museums of Iceland. During a visit to this historic museum, you can learn about the history and natural processing of fishing. The town hosts the famous Folk Music Festival in July in which folk music of various nations is represented. High mountains over the town provide an amazing view to capture. The houses and other buildings of this town are painted in attractive colors contributing to the enchanting beauty. While visiting North Iceland, you can explore this historic town full of colorful corrugated iron and timber houses.

With a population of about 1300 people, this cultural hub provides incredible hiking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. It includes a swimming pool, a bakery, and a beer brewery to complete the needs of travelers. You can witness the midnight sun at this place between the 9th of June to 1st of July. If you love to do some adventure, you can try for Ski Slopes in the months of winter. You can get the equipment for skiing and other adventure activities on rent easily. The town includes a campground at the center that offers all the facilities for camping including hot and cold water, electricity, toilets, and washing machines.

Siglufjordur village in North Iceland

How to reach Siglufjörður?

There are many ways to reach Siglufjörður, either by public transport or your vehicle. If you want to travel by bus from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital then board the Bus Number 57 to reach the town of Akureyri. From here, board bus number 78 to reach Siglufjörður.

If you travel by flight or bus, you will miss the beautiful attractions on the way, therefore, it is advised to visit there by own vehicle. From Reykjavik to Siglufjörður, it takes about 4 hours and 50 minutes if you do not stop anywhere. We recommend that you make it a multi day trip and make stops on all the beautiful attractions that will be on your way. Starting from Reykjavik, drive on the Ring Road route number 1 and pass through the Mt. Esja and Hvalfjarðargöng under sea level tunnel. After crossing the town of Borgarnes, you will enter the Húnavatnssýsla that is famous for agriculture and seals. Make a turn to drive on Road Number 76 to enter the town of Skagafjörður.  Drive on this road to reach Hofsós where you can take a dip in one of the most beautiful swimming pools of Iceland. Keep driving for another one hour to reach the Siglufjörður town.

Best Time to Visit Siglufjörður

The colorful town of Siglufjörður is a year-round destination; you can enjoy the beautiful landscape view throughout the year, however, the best time to visit is during summer. You will get more time to explore the town, participate in various activities in the months of summer. If you plan a visit in the winters, you can get a chance to do skiing and watch the Northern Lights.

Siglufjordur village in North Iceland

Map of Siglufjörður

Interesting locations in the area

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