Ólafsfjörður – A Fishing Town in North Iceland


Basic Information

Small village Ólafsfjörður is situated at the mouth of the fjord Eyjafjörður in northeast Iceland. Ólafsfjörður is one of three small fishing villages in Trollaskagi, north Iceland. The village is connected to the other two fishing villages by tunnels through the mountains that surround the villages. It is connected to the fishing village Dalvík by 3.5-kilometer one-lane Múli tunnel and to Siglufjörður by the 11-kilometer-long Héðinsfjörður Tunnels that were opened in 2010. A lake of the same name is situated nearby the town. The static waters of Ólafsfjörður Lake usually mirror the town, surrounding mountains, and provide an amazing view. With a population of around 785 people, Ólafsfjörður town draws the attention of visitors throughout the year. Like many villages around the coastline in Iceland, this village came into existence at the end of the 19th century and settled mainly in the mid of the 20th century. The presence of herring in abundance into the lake had caused an enormous boom in the population and economy.

Ólafsfjörður fishing village in north Iceland

The surrounding mountains covered with the milky white ice and the clear sky offers an incredible view of this picturesque location. This lake is a living place to freshwater as well as salt-water fishes that turns this lake into a mysterious water body. For avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts, there are many chances to experience the interesting activities. Situated between sheer mountain slopes and dark fjord waters, Ólafsfjörður is comparatively a peaceful town. The major sources of the economy for this town are fishing and tourism industries. The town of Ólafsfjörður boasts many sporting groups. There are multiple outdoor activities to do in this town including horse riding, golfing, skiing, and snowmobiling. Skiers can move to Tindaöxl, where there is a lift that can take them up the slopes of the mountain. There is also a geothermal swimming pool in the town where you can relax a bit.

Ólafsfjörður town is not far from several other attractive sites of north Iceland. To the east is the Vatnsnes Peninsula that is famous for the large seal population. Vatnsnes Peninsula is also known for its unique geological monolith of Hvítserkur. To the west, you can find Akureyri, known as the capital of north Iceland. In the town of Akureyri, you can find many accommodation options, natural sites, and adventure activities to do. It is one of the most popular sites of the Diamond Circle sightseeing route.

Ólafsfjörður fishing village in north Iceland

Places To Visit Around Ólafsfjörður

If you are planning for a weekend trip to North Iceland, there are many beautiful places you can explore. While exploring the surrounding places of the Ólafsfjörður, you will find Siglufjörður town located at a distance of about 16.3 kilometers. The northernmost town of Iceland, Siglufjörður is a cultural hub with Herring Era Museum and Folk Music Museum. It is connected with the Ólafsfjörður by a tunnel, built in the last few decades. It provides a lot of options for accommodation and food. This town has beautiful hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants that offer all the classic facilities. This picturesque town is located at a distance of fewer than 40 kilometers from Arctic Circle, at the top of Tröllaskagi Peninsular. The popular Folk Music Festival attracts more travelers than usual.

You can visit another fishing village Dalvík, located at a distance of about 18.4 kilometers from Ólafsfjörður. You can get a glimpse of incredible ski slopes and enjoy whale watching tours. On your tour to whale watching in this town, you can see up to nine species.

How To Reach Ólafsfjörður

The small fishing town is located at a distance of about 472 kilometers from the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík. There are multiple ways to reach Ólafsfjörður including by bus, by flight, or by own vehicle. If you want to reach the place in minimum time then take a flight from Reykjavík to land at Akureyri. Rent a car from Akureyri and drive to the Ólafsfjörður village. If you want to enjoy the natural sites on the way, travel by own vehicle. From Reykjavík, drive towards the north on Ring Road 1. Keep driving on this route until you reach Blönduós; at the Blönduós, take the route number 774. Drive on this route to reach Ólafsfjörður.

Ólafsfjörður fishing village in north Iceland

Map of Ólafsfjörður

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