Ketubjörg Cliffs


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A pearl of the world when it comes to having scores of natural beauties, Iceland is a destination where you can probably spend your whole life wandering into an abyss of flora and fauna. From this abyss, Ketubjörg Sea Cliffs are those serene gems that you can savor for life. Located between Húnaflói and Skagafjörður in North-West Iceland, Ketubjörg Cliffs are off the beaten path on Skagi peninsula along with a string of breathtaking cliffs. Nearby towns are named Hafnir and Hraun. They got electricity as recently as 1975. A fascinating place to watch, Ketubjörg holds rich historical value too.

Ketubjörg cliffs and waterfall in north Iceland

Explore Ketubjörg and surrounding area

Almost vertical in some parts, Ketubjörg Cliffs are 122 meters above the sea level and very steep. If you are a travel photographer, this place can be your heaven as this has some picturesque places which can instantly steal your heart by their captivating floral tendencies. Around Ketubjörg, you can take a tour of Drangey Bird Cliff. Climbing on top of Drangey island sea cliff in Skagafjörður fjord in North Iceland can be that adventurous experience for which you came to Iceland. The single way to Drangey cliff is the man-made path at “Uppgönguvík” or the Climbing-Up-Cove. You can reach to the top of the 180 m high cliff with the help of ropes. If you are a hiker and looking for some intriguing trails which are different from the usual trek experience, you can visit Drangey. It is highly recommended to hire a professional guide here. The magnificent view of the island is something that will stay fresh in your memory for many years to come. You can engage in boat rides or bird watching here or if you are in search of peace, you can absorb in that too.

One of the most exquisite places here, Húnaflói is a bay in North Iceland. Arresting scenes from the bay can truly indulge you in overwhelming beauty. The sky, that seems as if bathed in the rainbow in summer evenings, is worth the trip. The Arctic Coast self-drive is considered a feasible option while visiting here. Self-driving gives you so much freedom to explore, especially in places like Iceland where at the turn of each corner there is some gem waiting to be discovered. The popular tourist stop of Blönduós is also situated nearby. You can also find the Vatnsnes Peninsula to the south of the bay. Making a list of places to visit in the area is a time-saving option.

Ketubjörg cliffs in north Iceland

When to visit Ketubjörg Cliffs

Summers are advisable to Ketubjörg Cliffs. Weather conditions are usually stable in summers. Also, driving seems safer when days are long and chilly. Ensure that you avoid taking children to steep areas. Packing a camera is essential because you do not want to miss out on the chance of clicking some amazing pictures. Sturdy shoes that have an excellent grip can be quite helpful for hiking trails. 

Map of Ketubjörg Cliffs

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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