Laugavegur Shopping Street


Basic Information

Laugavegur shopping street is situated in Reykjavík. The main shopping street is highly known for high-end boutiques, bars, and restaurants. It is one of the oldest streets located in the capital of the country. A rough English translation of Laugavegur is ‘the Water Road’. Earlier women used to bring their laundry to this area to be washed in the hot pools. This is why the street was named Laugavegur. The fancy buildings and proper construction that you see around the area happened only in 1885.

The street starts in the east at Kringlumýrbraut from near the mall Kringlan. It runs along the west to Bankastræti, emerging into the downtown area. Just a little longer than a mile, the street is a happening and beautiful place from where you can collect all kind of Icelandic souvenirs.

Laugavegur shopping street in Reykjavik

Exploring Laugavegur Shopping Street

There are stores and shops of all tastes. Apart from that, there are two museums and a lot of restaurants and bars. The first museum is the Phallological Museum, famous among the locals and the visitors alike. It is the world’s only museum dedicated to the understanding of the male genitals from the animal kingdom. The second museum is the Punk Museum. It is smaller in size than the previous one but a fascinating one.

There are various shops for tourists in the region selling Icelandic wool sweaters, fridge magnets, books, keychains, stuffed animals, and all sorts of souvenirs. You will find great cosmetic products that are made from Icelandic ingredients as well as some other Icelandic designs. 

If you are running on a low-budget, there are second-hand and vintage shops in the street from where you can buy clothes and jewelry at great prices. You must visit these shops even if your budget is high. You may never know what gems you would find at the vintage shops.

The opening of the Kringlan and Smárlind malls has increased the variety and competition at Laugavegur Shopping Street. The area is gradually turning into a hub for tourists.

snow at Laugavegur shopping street in Reykjavik

Laugavegur shopping street on a map

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