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Imagine an overwhelming outpouring of emotions as you take in the view of the lake, set in the middle of a vibrant and culturally rich city of Iceland, a land of fire and ice. Tjörnin Pond in Reykjavik is one such experience that will thrill you with its beauty. Almost impossible to miss considering its central location downtown, Tjörnin pond is one of the most popular sights. It provides indulgence in the panoramic view of the city Reykjavik, situated on both ends of it. Called a pond locally, Tjörnin was a lagoon initially. Before the establishment of Iceland and the growth of Reykjavík the pond was much larger, extending further to the north. Fascinatingly enough, it is connected to the ocean via a river, Lækurinn. An amalgamation of history and beauty, Tjörnin Pond is worth a trip. Centrally located in Reykjavik, Tjörnin Pond has a lot to offer those who come to visit it from around the world.

Tjornin pond in downtown Reykjavik

Explore around Tjörnin Pond

The first suggestion would be for a long stroll along the pond. Bright colorful homes lining its banks set up a perfect mood for an evening walk where you watch birds and enjoy the hustle of the city while munching on a light local snack. Next to the pond you can find some of the most expensive houses in Iceland. Since it flows in the middle of downtown Reykjavik, you can explore the street food in Iceland in all its true essence. All the birdwatchers, photographers, and explorers can unite for this little heritage walk by Tjörnin Pond.

In winters, the pond becomes a flat ground of ice. Icelanders have been ice skating on Tjörnin ever since they could. It is like an unmissable winter tradition that has become popular over the years not just locally but also internationally. The Reykjavík Ice Skating Association was formed in Tjörnin in 1892. Even if you are not a skating fan or afraid of the sport, you can just please yourself by looking at the sparkling frozen pond. The good part is that if you want to try your hand at ice skating as an amateur, you can do that by a little practice and without any fear, because the pond is very shallow with an average depth of 57 cm (1.9 feet), its deepest point measuring 80 cm (2.4 feet). Football matches on the ice, played by local junior colleges and other friendly matches by institutions nearby can also be enjoyed if you are a sports fan. You can visit parks like Hljómskálagarður Park, which has concrete pavements specifically made for cyclists and runners. The main attraction of the park is five female Icelandic sculptors which truly render historical aura to the park. You can peek at the important buildings of Iceland, standing at the pond, including Reykjavík Art Museum, the Supreme Court of Iceland, the Living Art Museum, the Parliament Building, the Independent Theatre Tjarnarbíó, and the event venue space, café, and restaurant Iðnó.

Tjornin pond in downtown Reykjavik

When to visit Tjörnin Pond

Winters are undisputedly the best season to hit your feet on the grounds of Reykjavík when the Tjörnin Pond is frozen. You can find an array of hotels and guest houses to stay in Reykjavík with all sorts of facilities. Not just for ice skating and brimming beauty, winters are good for visiting almost any place in and around Reykjavík. Renting a two-wheel drive and self-driving is a feasible option if you want to explore the downtown area because you can easily find directions, places to stay, and places to eat on your own. If you want a wholesome peak in the area, you can hire a guide for that. Do not forget to stay thoroughly in touch with weather forecasts and warnings, if any. Winters, though fun, can be cruel in Iceland losing windstorms and snowstorms. Pack your essentials for the season and keep snacks high on vitamin D. A camera is a must to capture this trip of a lifetime to Tjörnin Pond.

Map of Tjörnin Pond

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