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Basic Information

Stykkisholmur is a town with a population of about 1,100 people, situated on the northern shore of the Snaefellsness Peninsula. This is a picturesque fishing town that has traditional wooden houses and is often called the village of color. It was the first community in Europe to obtain EarthCheck Certification. The town is praised for its eco-consciousness and even got Blue Flag Award for its harbor and became a plastic-free town. It is one of the best winter destinations in the peninsular region. It has a good choice of accommodation and restaurants, and handy transport links. 

Stykkisholmur village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the village of color

Things to do in Stykkisholmur

Visit Volcano Museum

Volcano Museum provides you an understanding of the Icelandic environment. Several exhibits are worth watching, reading, and touching. The staff in the museum is friendly and is always ready to answer questions. This museum houses a charming old cinema and was founded by Haraldur Sigurdsson, a volcanologist.

Hike up to Helgafell Mountain

Also known as Holy Mountain, Helgafell is a sacred mountain and is referred to in Eyrbyggja Saga. The settler Þórólfs Mostrarskeggs and his successors established a temple dedicated to the Norse God at Helgafell. Earlier, there used to be a monastery over here. If you hike this mountain without looking back or uttering a word, three honorable wishes will be granted.

The church of Stykkisholmur

This is an elegant site in the region. Located by the sea it is a picturesque wonder. It was inaugurated on May 6th, 1990, and is a landmark of the small town both from the sea and land. The church was designed by the Icelandic architect Jon Haraldsson and the altarpiece was painted by Icelandic painter Kristin Gunnlaugsdottir. The altar has a portrait of Mary carrying the baby Jesus. The church is renowned for its acoustics and musical events that are hosted regularly.

Baldur- Town’s Ferry

Stykkisholmur Ferry takes you to Flatey, an island that has been forgotten with time. You get to explore the old village and library, the church that is exemplary of artwork and unspoiled nature. This place is worth the time. If you take the ferry all the way, it will take you to the Westfjords.

Winter Activities in Stykkisholmur

The town appears stunning in winter. You dress warmly and walk between the cafes and sip the hot chocolate and soup. The rooftop of the houses is covered with snow and the sunbeam glints in the harbor. Take a moment and breathe it all in.

Stykkisholmur village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the village of color

Relish the Icelandic Cuisine

The town is home to several restaurants and cafes that offer everything from fine dining experience to hot dog stand. The prices are fairly good. Enjoy Finsens fish and chips, pizza, Scandinavian, vegetarian food. One restaurant named Sjavarpakkhusid on the harbor-side offers the best fish soup in the region.

Watch the Northern Lights and Explore the Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Explore the peninsula for its beauty and various other small towns and fishing villages. You can also explore the vast mountain ranges, lava fields, and beautiful open spaces. Iceland is famous for Northern Lights, a unique natural phenomenon. You can explore the phenomenon in the nearby countryside where there is minimum air pollution.

boats at the harbor in Stykkisholmur village in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Explore Kirkjufell Mountain and Kirkjufellfoss Waterfall

This is a narrow mountain and has become the landmark of the Peninsula. It is known after being presented as the “Arrowhead Mountain” on Game of Thrones- definitely, a GOT fan’s paradise. This mountain gets its shape from the erosion that was caused by the melting ice of the glaciers for the last 12,000 years. Because of this unique look, it is one of the most photographed sights in Iceland. Across the mountain is Kirkjufellfoss that completes the perfect shot of the mountains. The site has several vantage points and the guide will help you explore them. Read more about Kirkjufell mountain in this article. 

How to Visit the Town?

Usually, scheduled buses leave once a day from the BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik. We recommend that you rent a car in Reykjavik or Keflavik and drive there on your own. If approaching from the capital city, take Road 54 out of Borgarnes and cross the peninsula on road 56. From North Iceland, take road 59 over Laxárdalsheiði. The town is 2 hours away from Reykjavik by car.

If you are not comfortable with driving on your own, you can also check out variety of guided tours that will take you around Snæfellsnes Peninsula including Stykkisholmur village. 

Map of Stykkishólmur

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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