Strútsfoss Waterfall in East Iceland | Large Hidden Waterfall in Iceland


Basic Information

  • Our team has not been here with our camera so we don’t have good photos of the waterfall. In the meantime you can find it on Google to see how stunning it looks. 
  • GPS: 64.89372, -15.02174
  • Hidden, hard to reach waterfall in East Iceland. 
  • Strútsfoss is one of the highest waterfall in Iceland.
  • Fairly easy hike
  • Hiking time around 2 hours.  

Whether your favorite places include wondrous mountains or mesmerizing waterfalls, Icelandic locales have something for everyone to experience. Waterfalls in Iceland excite travelers with their aesthetic richness. One such amazing waterfall is Strútsfoss. Located in the Suðurdalur valley, Strútsfoss is one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls. The divine-like aura which surrounds this place is a thing of amazement. Strútsfoss waterfall is on the list of nature reserves in Iceland. 

What does Strútsfoss offer?

In Suðurdalur valley, Strútsfoss can be seen where the river Strútsá falls into the Villingadalur arm. The word ‘Strut’ which falls in the name of both, waterfall and the river, means one that stretches to its full height. This meaning fits the waterfall perfectly considering its enormous height. Strúts also refers to the pyramidal rocks in the gorge. Here are the things you can look forward to.

  • The Parted Beauty- The waterfall is divided into two parts and this division impacts the look of Strútsfoss massively. The upper part falls about 20 meters and the lower one falls about 100 meters into the base. This larger than life waterfall crowns the east of Iceland. Tourists and explorers from around the world come here to witness the majestic look of Strútsfoss that falls into the V-shaped mountains. If rivers excite you, then this waterfall can be your haven. River Strútsá runs through the deep but small canyon of Strútsgil, then converges with Fellsá River. This place provides rejuvenating energy with streaming clear water all around.
  • A Proliferating Vibrancy- The colorful environment that surrounds the waterfall is picturesque. Layers of grey basalt sand alternate with layers of sediment. The thickness of this sediment is up to scores of meters and it often surfaces in red or yellow-brown, and even rhyolite at one point. It is prohibited to go into the waterfall because of the deadly flow. Only advanced level trekkers and hikers can go up to a level near the waterfall. Summer is the high season to visit Strútsfoss. To avoid any danger, make sure that you wear heavy-duty boots with excellent grip because the earth is mossy, even if you see the waterfall from a distance.

How to Reach the Waterfall

It can be hard to reach this waterfall. There are no guided group tours that will take you to the waterfall, but you might be able to find a private guide that can take you there. Otherwise we recommend that you go there on your own or your self driving trip around Iceland. You can rent a car in Reykjavik city or Keflavik airport before you begin your journey. Note that the road to Strútsfoss waterfall can be bumpy. When driving to the waterfall, take road 931 which leads to Hallormsstadur from Egilsstadir. Using road 933 (Fljótsdalsvegur), keep south of the lake. After almost five kilometers, you have to take the left onto road 935 to reach the farm Sturluflöt. The trail to Strútsfoss starts from Suðurdalur’s uppermost farm, Sturluflöt. This stands at the east bank of Kelduá River. From there the distance is covered by walking from Villingadalur above the east bank of Fellsá River. You can experience the view from a safe distance. Do carry a camera to capture and some amazing memories.

Hiking to Strútsfoss waterfall

Hiking to Strútsfoss waterfall is an adventure that you will remember. After you have reached the parking lot at Sturluflöt, the innermost farm in Suðurdalur, you will start your hike along
the banks of Fellsá river. The river is located on the
east side of Villingadalur valley. You wont be able to see the waterfall until you are quite far into the valley. You might think that you are going in the wrong direction because you can’t see the waterfall for a while, but just keep on going further into Strútsgil canyon. To reach the waterfall, you will have to cross the river a couple of times, but it will be well worth it. Once you are further in the canyon, you will finally see this magnificent waterfall. 

A Series of Cascades

If you want to take a refreshing break from the parks and museums of the city, Strútsfoss is a good stop for the purpose. You will find many waterfalls and rivers to explore in the vicinity. Innri-Þverá is another river that flows next to Strútsfoss. It falls into the gorge in a series of waterfalls. Circular in shape, it provides a round well-like view which is further highlighted by vegetation around it. The biggest and most popular is located near the bridge over Lagarfljót Lake. Well spread out and incredible, Hengifoss waterfall is situated here. You cannot miss this if waterfalls give you a rush. With a height of 128 meters, it is the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. The force of this site is magnificent. Hengifoss roughly means ‘hanging waterfall’ as it seems like it clings from the mountains. On the same hiking route, you will see another beautiful waterfall Litlanesfoss. Iceland’s longest basalt columns surround this waterfall making it a visual treat.

Strútsfoss waterfall on a map

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