Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall – The Basalt Beauty of the North


Basic Information

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is a true testament to the rugged beauty of Iceland. This beautiful waterfall originates from the highlands and finds its home deep in the northern part of Iceland. The muddy white color of the glacial water, the stunning basalt column around the powerful and fiery water, the rugged surrounding of the place, and the whole rugged area just make you go weak in the knees. The waterfall, its flow, and the huge basalt columns are almost overbearing on the visitors and serve as a wonderful place for the lovers of adventure. Iceland is littered with beautiful waterfalls, no doubt, but this gorgeous piece is a must-see when you are traveling around the north, especially near the Diamond Circle. Both a beauty and a beast along with being located in a remote location, the waterfall is a good add-on for both adventure and nature lovers.

And not to mention, given the right weather and lighting, Aldeyjarfoss becomes a prime photography location in the country, especially for wedding pictures. Why? Well, when you look at the waterfall closely, you would see that the cascading water falling into the gorge looks exactly like a bride’s veil with a really long and beautiful train. Imagine having yourself in a beautiful white dress with your better half standing on top of the beautiful basalt columns with the gorgeous off-white waterfall in the background and the blue sky covering everything else in the scenery, sounds almost unreal, right? Well, that and many more other beautiful shots can be taken very easily with minimal efforts in this place.

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall in the northern highlands of Iceland

An Exciting Challenge for Photographers

The landscape of Aldeyjarfoss is quite challenging to photograph and you may have noticed that when seeing the general pictures that are available over the internet of the waterfall. The truth is that the geology around the waterfall is much more than what meets the eye on the first glace of even get caught on the camera. The truth is that the Aldeyjarfoss area has several Skessukatlar formations which are one more thing that it is known for. Skessukatlar or potholes are created in the surrounding basalt walls of the waterfall due to the stones that circulate in the whirlpools of the waterfall. These small potholes are ideally carved to perfection in a very smooth, round manner but are barely even visible from a distance. In simple words, the waterfall is way more stunning than it is visible to be in pictures. So, if you are up to it, take on the challenge to grab some beautiful pictures. But, always maintain a safe distance from the cliffs.

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall in the northern highlands of Iceland

An Adventure Worth Taking On

What would an adventurer love more than a very challenging journey which ends at a mystical, beautiful location, preferably a beautiful waterfall like Aldeyjarfoss itself? Although not as hard to cover as many other trails and destinations in Iceland but the hike that leads to the waterfall is quite fun to experience. The distance can be covered in a car as well but it can be extra fun to cover the distance on foot. The hike starts from the point where the F-road begins. The hike will take about 40 minutes for completion. You will come across two beautiful farms Bólstaður and Mýri. Hrútar, an award-winning Icelandic movie, was filmed at these two farms as well.

Getting to the Waterfall

Located very close to the infamous Goðafoss waterfall, Aldeyjarfoss is at the end of Bárðardalur valley in north Iceland. The ride starts from route 1 and continues till you get to rode number 842 which requires a u-turn. You drive on road 842 till you get to road F26 which is a gravel road. The waterfall is about 3 kilometers away from that point. Generally, F-roads are only accessible to 4×4 vehicles. Although, many people choose to hike the distance and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall on a map

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