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The Land of Fire and Ice, a name that justifies completely. Iceland has been correctly titled by this name owing to the presence of impossible and unbelievable natural phenomena that are seen at this place. Iceland is home to staggering waterfalls, diamond beaches, hot springs and steaming geysers, massive crevasse, fracture, and sky-touching mountains; Iceland is indeed a mysterious place that truly reflects the power of nature. It is a perfect travel destination for adventure enthusiasts, globetrotters, and environmentalists. Now, amidst these beautiful places in Iceland, there is one of the most beautiful waterfalls which is located in the Kirkjubæjarklaustur VillageSystrafoss Waterfall. Don’t forget to shuffle up your travel itinerary and add this to your must-visit place! Let’s find out more about this place in this article. 

view over Kirkjubæjarklaustur village in south Iceland

Systrafoss Waterfall in Kirkubæjarklaustur: Unfolding the Historical Aspect

Amidst many other places, Kirkubæjarklaustur (Klaustur for short) is a village that will take you down the historical lane and as you visit this village, you will get to know about its rich history. The pronunciation for Kirkjubæjarklaustur is “khyr-kyou – bai- yar- klay – stur”; it is located in South Iceland. There was a Benedictine convent at Kirkjubæjarklaustur village (1186-1554) and continued to operate till 1554. It is believed that few of the disobedient nuns were burned, on a natural rocky pedestal, for their sins, which is known as Systrastapi. The natives talk about the presence of nuns for centuries. Right in the middle of the village, you will see a statue named – Byrði sögunnar – the burden of history.

Apart from this, the waterfall named Systrafoss is also located in the middle of the village. Systrafoss, which translates to Sisters’ Falls is named after a monastery. “Systur” is an Icelandic word that simplifies and refers to the nuns, who used to live in Kirkjubæjarklaustur’ convent. Here, you will learn about the story that goes behind this waterfall. The nearby lake was the bathing place for the nuns, who were there in the monastery. It is believed that one day, a mysterious hand came out of the lake that was holding a golden-comb; the nuns tried to grab the comb but they were pulled by that hand, which made them drown in the lake.

The sister’s fall is fed by this small lake named Systravatn; there are two waterfalls that are located side by side, almost of a similar height, looking as if they are twin waterfalls coming down the hill. Falling from the cliffs, these two waterfalls with distinguished shapes, side by side look unique and indeed creates one of the most beautiful sights to behold. Once you reach near the fall, you will see a trailhead on which you can hike and climb up the top of Systrafoss, but you need to be extremely careful, it might be slippery during winter time. If you succeed in reaching the top of the waterfall, you will have a beautiful view of the nearby area. You can walk to the lake Systravatn and enjoy it there as well!

Systrafoss waterfall in Kirkjubæjarklaustur

Directions to Systrafoss Waterfall

If you are driving from the capital city, Reykjavík,  then it will take you approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Systrafoss waterfalls. Get your way to the Ring Road (Road 1) and continue on that road until you reach  Klausturvegur in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Once you reach there, at the roundabout, continue to take the 3rd exit, which is onto Klausturvegur. You will see the wtaerfall once your reach Kirkjubæjarklaustur, so it is easy to follow the road Klausturvegur until you see a parking lot next to the waterfall. 

Systrafoss waterfall on a map

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