Laufás Turf Houses | Exploring the Stunning Turf Houses in North Iceland


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Laufás turf houses based in Eyjafjörður is something you cannot miss if you have a fascination for turf houses. Laufás is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Akureyri. Gracing the area of North Iceland, Laufás turf houses showcase typical Icelandic spirit. It is a charming heritage site full of history with its huge farmhouse and beautiful nineteenth-century church. The ancient records from the Settlement of Iceland date back to 874-930.

All the operations at Laufás are run by the Akureyri Museum. Laufás turf house is now a part of the National Museum of Iceland. As compared to normal turf houses, Laufás Turf Houses are large in size. However, it was like a manor and a rich vicarage. By Icelandic standards, Laufás was a wealthy farm.

Laufás Turf Houses in north Iceland

Admiring the Beautiful Laufás

Beautiful white turf structures are captivating as they stand amidst the scenic landscape. Magnificent mountain view in the backdrop makes the place picturesque. On the inside tour, you would find many astonishing articles of daily use. There are pieces of furniture from the early twentieth century. The entire setting reveals how the citizens of the country used to live at that time. There are multiple corridors that lead visitors to different rooms. Visitors must have a look inside the rooms to get better acquainted with the history and how the people of Iceland spent their lives back then.

Laufás hosted the last minister until 1936, afterward he moved into a newer vicarage. The structures were reconstructed in 1866-1870 when Rev. Björn Halldórsson used to live in Laufás, but the oldest standing part of the house is as old as 1840. The turf house is an educational and fun spot. Those who like to indulge in the country’s history can have an amazing time here.

You will be amazed to know that there is a bride’s chamber inside where women prepared for the major events. You will find a lot of information about the nature and history of the countryside at the Visitor Centre. There is a handicraft and souvenir shop to take with you some memories of the place. You can enjoy Icelandic delicacies at a café in a cozy atmosphere.

Laufás Turf Houses in north Iceland

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Scenes from the Church

The beautiful church was established during the early Christianity days in Iceland. While the original structure’s dates are still not confirmed, the present structure of the church at Laufás was made in 1865. It was built in dedication to the Apostle Paul in Catholicism. There is a decorative pulpit inside the church from 1698. In the morning hours, you can see it sunbathed, due to a top window. The raised christening font looks beautiful on the pulpit. The tiny structure has an aura around it that one must not miss.

Laufás opens only during the summer months from May 15th to October 1st. For individuals with ages of 18 years and above the charges are ISK 1800 per head. The entry is free for those below 18 and specially-abled individuals. The ticket prices are ISK 900 for senior citizens. There is a white house by the parking lot where you can buy the entry tickets.

Laufás Turf Houses in north Iceland

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